Discover the Best Sehri Buffet in Faisalabad – Popular Places to Try

Sehri Buffet in Faisalabad

Looking for some sehri options in Faisalabad? If you want to go out for a fancy sehri buffet, here are some popular options we recommend you try out.

Sehri Buffet in Faisalabad – 5 Popular Restaurants

Below are some popular restaurants offering sehri buffet in Faisalabad. These places offer a wide variety of sehri items.

#Sehri Buffet in Faisalabad Charges per Head (PKR)
1The Melting Swan1495 + tax
2Quilim Restaurant 1399 + tax
3The China Kitchen1395 + tax
4Baba Tikkah1345 + tax
5Assala Restaurant1195 + tax

Now let’s go through each restaurant to see what they have to offer in their sehri buffet.

1. The Melting Swan

If you want to enjoy a massive sehri menu with a wide variety of eggs, bread, desserts, and desi items, then visit the Melting Swan.

The place offers a large menu to choose from, with 20+ items. Try out all your favorite items on one table at the Melting Swan sehri buffet.

Charges: PKR 1495 + tax

Contact Number: (041) 6078816

Location: The Melting Swan Canal Expy, 1st Floor, The Boulevard Mall, Saeed Colony, Faisalabad.

The Melting Swan sehri buffet menu
The Melting Swan sehri buffet menu

2. Quilim Restaurant 

If you are looking for some heavy sehri, try the Quilim Restaurant. Enjoy Mutton Paye, Channay, and handi, along with bread, jams, and sandwiches.

Savour some live jalebi, or enjoy light pancakes! The Choice is yours.

Charges: PKR 1399 + tax

Contact Number: 0344 4457210

Location: People’s Colony No 1, Hashmat Ali Khan Rd, Block C, Faisalabad.

Quilim Restaurant  sehri buffet menu

3. The China Kitchen

A delicious sehri experience awaits you at the China Kitchen. Enjoy a variety of bread, and eggs, along with desi items like nihari and channay.

Choose from multiple dessert options and couple them with some tea for the perfect meal combo.

Charges: PKR 1395 + tax

Contact Number: (041) 6074199

Location: Saeed Colony Faisalabad, Boulevard Shopping Mall.

The China Kitchen sehri buffet menu

4. Baba Tikkah

Enjoy some desi sehri at the Baba Tikkah in Faisalabad. Try their channay, eggs, and kabab, and gulp it down with some creamy lassi.

Grab some hallwa at the end or gulab jamun, and your entire meal is complete!

Charges: PKR 1345 + tax

Contact Number: 0304 1111616

Location: D Ground Faisalabad, A Block، Hakeem Sultan Ahmad Dawoodi Rd.

Baba Tikkah sehri buffet menu

5. Assala Restaurant

Want to enjoy a simple sehri that has it all? Visit the Assala Restaurant. Try out their handi, kababs, or channay, or have an English breakfast with eggs and bread.

To top it all off, add some lassi to your meal, and you will be filled for the entire day!

Charges: PKR 1195 + tax

Contact Number: 0345 8701806

Location: Kohinoor City, Jaranwala Rd, Faisalabad.

Assala restaurant sehri buffet menu

Savour some Delicious Iftar Buffet in Faisalabad!

So here was our list of restaurants you can visit for a sehri buffet. Check out more Ramadan deals and food guides on the site.

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