List of Top 15 Men’s Suiting Brands in Pakistan – 2023


Finding the appropriate suit for formal attire for men can be a difficult task. To create attractive menswear with a comfortable fit, men’s suits should be crafted using high-quality fabric and professional craftsmanship.

Nice suits are made by the greatest companies and are known for their sleek and functional designs, fashionable aesthetics, premium fabrics, and cool styles. While high-end suits can be costly, they have become fashion statements that are worth the price.

There are various suit brands in Pakistan that offer classy 2-pieces and 3-pieces, and you can also buy blazers, shirts, and pants separately from them.

Some men choose dress suits that convey wealth, power, and status, while others prefer a tailored suit that provides affordable style, function, and comfort for everyday use. With so many famous name-brand alternatives on the market, selecting the proper suit can be difficult.

Top Suiting Brands – Complete List

To inspire your search, we’ve compiled a list of the 15 best-suiting brands in Pakistan for men. From Royal Tag and Charcoal to Uniworth and Monark, explore these top-rated suiting brands in Pakistan to find designer men’s clothing.

  1. Royal Tag
  2. Charcoal
  3. Lawrencepur
  4. Cambridge
  5. Edenrobe
  6. Monark
  7. Shaffer
  8. Diners
  9. Uniworth
  10. Republic by Omar Farooq
  11. Andre Emilio
  12. Uomo Attire
  13. Mohtaram
  14. Rici Melion
  15. Sartoria Di Ambassador

Now we will explore each brand one by one:

Royal Tag

Royal Tag Pakistan

Royal Tag is a men’s formal and casual clothing brand. The brand was established in 2012, providing quality fabrics and consistent customer satisfaction.

The suits range from PKR 30,000 to 40,000 depending on their styles and the quality of fabric used. Moreover, they also have formal waistcoats and blazers. Royal Tag suits are as comfortable as they are classic.

Check out the nearest store from their shop locator or shop online.

Don’t forget to avail the discounts during the sale season. 

Customer Reviews: 3.9 stars after 944 reviews on Facebook

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Charcoal Pakistan

Charcoal offers a range of men’s formal suits that can be tailored to customer needs. All suits, blazers, and prince coats are made with finesse and craftsmanship. For a tailor-made suit, they take the perfect measurements and make men’s suits in double-breasted, slim, and classic fit fittings.

Their price for suiting ranges from PKR 15,000 – 30,000.

Their suits are a perfect fit for any occasion according to the latest fashion trends. Try out Charcoal suiting to get a classy look. 

Shop your designer suits for men on the official website or find their nearest store

Customer Reviews: 4.3 stars after 380 reviews on Facebook


Lawrencepur Pakistan

Lawrencepur Pakistan is a premium formal menswear brand that sells ready-to-wear suits as well as fabric. Lawrencepur first started its operations in 1945 with the goal of creating a global name in men’s wear.

Their clothing exceeds all expectations by combining cutting-edge technology, knowledge, and an eye for detail, making Lawrencepur a well-known brand in both domestic and international markets. The prices of their suits range from PKR 22,000 – PKR 46,000.

Check out their stores online and visit the nearest one. They offer free shipping on all orders above PKR 2000. 

Customer Reviews: 4.3 stars after 192 reviews on Facebook



Cambridge is a men’s clothing brand that makes everything from polished dress shirts to eye-catching casual suits. Each suit from this brand is comfortable, practical, and ideal for any occasion, even for the office.

They have suits in various colors ranging in price from PKR 35,000 – 40,000. This impressive clothing brand is competitive and a choice for many. 

Look for the nearest store or shop for their amazing collection online. 

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Edenrobe Pakistan

Edenrobe is one of Pakistan’s best clothing brands for formal and casual occasions. Edenrobe sells a wide range of outfits for men in Pakistan.

These outfits are not only popular in Pakistan but also in high demand globally. Men’s dresses include shalwar kameez, waistcoats, sherwani, pant shirts, and other styles. Their suits range in price from PKR 20,000 – 25,000.

Check out their latest collection today and shop your favorite styles. 

Customer Reviews: 4.1 stars after 1332 reviews on Facebook


Monark Pakistan

Monark is a smart casual fashion retail brand for men that has a range of suits made in Turkey. Their collection represents the traditional style of fine formal suiting. Each suit is designed to fit around the body perfectly. The slim-fit suits are designed by tailors from Turkey.

They have been in the market for almost two decades. The price of their suiting collection ranges from PKR 24,000 – 35,000. 

Find the nearest store from the official website or shop online from the comfort of your home. 

Customer Reviews: 3.5 stars after 124 reviews on Facebook


Shaffer clothing

Shaffer is a popular destination for elegant Eastern and Western clothing. They offer a curated selection of luxury attire, which is a perfect fusion of tradition and modernity.

They redefine luxury fashion by creating a fusion of Eastern heritage with Western chic, creating timeless pieces.

Apart from clothing, they offer accessories as well, like cufflinks, pocket squares, and shawls. They deliver across Pakistan at no delivery cost, and the shipments are delivered within 3-5 working days. They have multiple locations in Karachi, so you can visit them in person as well.

Customer Reviews: 4.2 stars after 59 reviews on Facebook


Diners Pakistan

Diners have been in the fashion industry since 1990, satisfying their esteemed customers with quality and brilliant customer service.

They are some of the most reliable retailers in men’s suits, setting high standards. The pricing of their suits ranges from PKR 20,000 – 40,000. They keep on introducing new yarns, dyeing and weaving techniques to produce extraordinary products. 

Look for the nearest Diners store and shop for your favorites. 


Uniworth Pakistan

Uniworth was established in 1971 and has been in the fashion wear industry for over 40 years. It is one of the oldest men’s wear brands in Pakistan, with a range of smart casual to formal clothes.

Regardless of the season, the customer remains comfortable and in style at all times. The stylish designers and team put in their untiring efforts to launch products as per the men’s latest fashion. You can get their suits for between PKR 16,000 – 40,000. 

Check out their size guide and shipping policy before you place an order with them. 

Customer Reviews: 4.4 stars after 138 reviews on Facebook

Republic by Omar Farooq

Republic by Omar Farooq Pakistan

Republic by Omar Farooq may be a brand for men looking for clean, straightforward suits with sharp lines and high-quality fabrics. Their custom-made tailored suits are perfect. Their designers will help you through your session until you find the perfect design for you.

Whatever you choose will be fantastic because all of their textiles are of the highest quality. The prices of their suits range from PKR 35,000 – 40,000.

They have stores in Lahore and Karachi. Visit them or shop online from the official website.

Customer Reviews: 3.9 stars after 219 reviews on Facebook

Andre Emilio

Andre Emilio Pakistan

Andre Emilio is an Italian designer who specializes in traditional Italian outfits. He offers his customers beautiful handcrafted outfits. The key characteristic of this suiting brand is that they make suits based on the individual’s measurements, which provides precision when the consumer wears them.

They only have a physical store in Lahore. Book an appointment before you see them. 

Uomo Attire

Uomo Attire Pakistan

Nobody does it better for men who want their suits to have an authentic Italian feel than Uomo Attire. Their ensembles are completely custom-made, utilizing the same old technique that Italian tailors have used for years.

Their clothes are referred to as pieces of art. They give you ultimate control over everything. Everything about the suit is personalized, including the color and thread count of the cloth, as well as the size and design of the collar.

Customer Reviews: 4.5 stars after 577 reviews on Facebook


Mohtaram Pakistan

Most Pakistani suiting brands prefer a more conservative suit style. Mohtaram allows you to experience what it would be like to be in a 1960s suiting shop with the latest designs.

Designs that are truly unique are created by combining old and new.

Mohtaram custom outfits are made specifically for your specifications. You are measured and pinned until the clothing fits perfectly. Once you approve the measurements, the outfit will be made. 

Rici Melion

Rici Melion Pakistan

Their outfits are known throughout Pakistan for their faultless, unrivaled quality. Rici Melion has the perfect suit for you, whether you want something completely unique and formal for your wedding or a suit that makes you stand out at work. The possibilities for fitted outfits using Rici Melion are nearly unlimited.

They have experts who not only make traditional suits but also those who make wholly unique and modern clothes. Even better, you may mix and combine the fabrics to create an entirely unique ensemble that no one would ever expect to see you wearing, combining Western and Pakistani styles.

They have a physical store located in Lahore. Shop their range of suits from PKR 40,000 – 150,000 online or in stores. 

Customer Reviews: 3.8 stars after 216 reviews on Facebook

Sartoria Di Ambassador

Sartoria Di Ambassador Pakistan

Ambassador combines the traditional Italian suit-making method with the talent of Pakistani tailors to create the best suit for a Pakistani man.

If you’ve never had an entire suit made from scratch, Ambassador could be a good place to start. Because of their rigorous attention to detail and abundance of expertise, they can aid you in making decisions that you may not be able to make on your own.

At Ambassador, you simply select the cloth, they measure you, and the fitting process begins.

They will continue with as many fittings as necessary until the client is satisfied, guaranteeing that you obtain the suit of your dreams as well as the matching designer ties.

Their store is located in Karachi. Shop online for the latest designs, or if you are in Karachi, then don’t forget to visit them.

Choose Your Best Suit Today!

So that is a wrap on the best 2-piece and 3-piece suiting brands in Pakistan. Check out more content on fashion, showbiz, lifestyle, and more on Fusion.

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