10 Places that Serve the Best Sushi in Karachi – 2022

sushi in Karachi

It’s time for some Sushi! 

Sushi is a famous and exotic Japanese cuisine packed with flavors. Talking about the popularity of Japanese cuisine in Karachi, the number of people who enjoy eating this delightful treat has greatly increased over the past years. Pan-Asian eateries are flooding in Karachi, but only a selection of them serve traditional Japanese flavor. 

Sushi in Karachi

If you are a sushi fanatic, there are only a handful of places in Karachi that can satisfy your palate. Here are the 10 best and the most famous restaurants serving flavorful sushi in Karachi.

Sushi RestaurantsTimingsContactRatingLocation
Sushi Nuk3 pm to 11:30 pm0311 11787445Phase 5, DHA
Fishop12:30 pm to 12 am0300 33474674.7Clifton
Sakura11 am to 5 pm(021) 1115055054.4Club Road
Cocochan12 pm to 12 am(021) 1117788994.3P.E.C.H.S
Miyako1 pm to 12 am(021) 358567664.2Phase 6, DHA
Fujiyama12:30 pm to 11:30 pm (weekdays) 
7:30 pm to 7:30 am (weekends)
(021) 1112827474.2Fatima Jinnah Road
Tao1 pm to 12 am(021) 388999994.2Khayaban-e-Bukhari
Yoshi12:30 pm to 1 am(021) 352488984.2Phase 5, DHA
Chop Chop Wok12:30 pm to 12 am(021) 1119651114.2Phase 7, DHA
Bonsai1 pm to 4 pm (lunch)
7:30 pm to 12 pm (dinner)
4.1Phase 6, DHA

Sushi Nuk

Sushi Nuk offers the ultimate sushi experience for all its fans in the city. They have a professional chef from Dubai with over 30 years of experience to meet the perfection in every taste. 

Sushi Nuk Karachi
Sushi Nuk Karachi – Sushi Menu
Sushi Nuk Karachi – Sushi Menu
Sushi Nuk Karachi – Rating

Their menu ranges from Japanese, Thai, and Chinese, and seeing the reviews, most of the people prefer this place for authentic sushi food. The food is freshly prepared from ingredients all around the world. They serve Assorted Sushi Platters good for 3 to 4 persons. Sushi Nuk serves between 3 pm to 11:30 pm

For Reservation at Sushi Nuk Karachi, Contact: 0311 1178744

Location: Phase 5, DHA, Karachi.


Fishop is a place that serves really good seafood in Karachi. The restaurant has captured the heart of many for its love for sushi. It is an unpretentious outlet with a limited seating capacity, so they also focus on delivering at-home and car dine-in. 

Fishop Karachi
Fishop Karachi – Sushi Menu
Fishop Karachi – Sushi Menu
Fishop Karachi – Rating

The best thing about Fishop is that they also serve fresh seafood that you can take home and cook yourselves. Their everyday ingredients are fresh, the seafood is caught fresh, prepared fresh, and served fresh. They have recently introduced a new menu of appetizing cooked seafood. Salmon and Crabstick Sushi Roll is a fabulous sushi option and it is topped with slices of salmon and thin crispy potato strips. They are operational from 12:30 pm to 12 am

For Reservation at Fishop Karachi, Contact: 0300 3347467

Location: Clifton, Karachi.


Sakura is one of the best sushi places located in the famous PC Hotel. Every sushi fan must have visited this place at least once. The food they serve, the aura of the place, and excellent service make it the best Japanese restaurant. 

Sakura Karachi
Sakura Karachi – Sushi Menu
Sakura Karachi – Sushi Menu
Sakura Karachi – Rating

Being located in one of the expensive hotels in the city, the price point may be quite high, but every penny is worth the taste. Their house specialties include Crunchy Maki and Volcano Maki. These two are never to be missed. They are served in special sauces and the taste is irresistible. They are open from 11 am to 5 pm for everyone. 

For Reservation at Sakura Karachi, Contact: (021) 111505505

Location: Club Road, Karachi.


Cocochan is located at the Tipu Sultan Road and is one of the best restaurants famous for its sushi platters. The restaurant serves Pan-Asian, Sushi, Thai, and Mandarin varieties. 

Cocochan Karachi
Cocochan Karachi – Sushi Menu
Cocochan Karachi – Sushi Menu
Cocochan Karachi – Rating

The food quality is amazing for the price they charge. They celebrate Japanese Night every Monday in which they serve an All You Can Eat sushi buffet for just PKR 2,299 + Tax and PKR 3,199 + Tax including Prawn Tempura and Teppanyaki along with sushi buffet. You can also try out their signature Sashimi Platter for a unique option. They are open from 12 pm to 12 am

For Reservation at Cocochan Karachi, Contact: (021) 111778899

Location: P.E.C.H.S, Karachi.


For all sushi lovers in Karachi, Miyako is not to be missed. It is a Pan-Asian restaurant with a delightful variety and beautiful ambiance that makes it a lovely place for everyone to have a good time. 

Miyako Karachi
Miyako Karachi – Sushi Menu
Miyako Karachi – Sushi Menu
Miyako Karachi – Rating

Miyako, located at Khayaban e Shahbaz, has a wide range of serving from starters to the main course. Customers who have visited this place, cherish the authentic flavors of sushi. Tuesday night is special for sushi lovers as they arrange a delectable All You Can Eat sushi buffet in just PKR 2,199 + Tax and PKR 2,999 + Tax if the buffet is coupled with Miso Soup, Prawns Tempura, and Teppanyaki/Teriyaki. Their opening timings are from 1 pm to 12 am

For Reservation at Miyako Karachi, Contact: (021) 35856766

Location: Phase 6, DHA, Karachi.


Fujiyama Restaurant is part of the tall Awari Towers in Karachi. It is one of the best restaurants serving Japanese cuisine with a flair. 

Fujiyama Karachi
Fujiyama Karachi – Sushi Menu
Fujiyama Karachi – Sushi Menu
Fujiyama Karachi – Rating

Relish the Japanese cuisine served in an amazing ambiance at the Fujiyama. People visit this place to treat their palates with authentic and fresh seafood. There are counters for live cooking for you to enjoy the amazingness of the sushi from start till the end. Try out their Special Selection from the menu for a money well-spent. The restaurant is open from 12:30 pm to 11:30 pm on the weekdays and from 7:30 pm to 7:30 am on the weekends. 

For Reservation at Fujiyama Karachi, Contact: (021) 111282747

Location: Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi.


Experience the fresh and aromatic feast at Tao. Not only the flavors but also the ambiance is something one can not easily resist. 

Tao Karachi
Tao Karachi – Sushi Menu
Tao Karachi – Sushi Menu
Tao Karachi – Sushi Menu
Tao Karachi – Rating

Tao lets you dive into an ocean of flavor with their amazing sushi platters. They also serve All You Can Eat sushi platters starting from PKR 1,999 + Tax. They also have other sushi combos, you can contact them or visit their menu for the details. They are allowing dine-in from 1 pm to 12 am

For Reservation at Tao Karachi, Contact: (021) 38899999

Location: Khayaban-e-Bukhari, Karachi.


Yoshi is an exotic Japanese restaurant located at Phase 5 in Karachi. The unique taste offered will take you to a whole different world. 

Yoshi Karachi
Yoshi Karachi – Sushi Menu
Yoshi Karachi – Sushi Menu
Yoshi Karachi – Rating

Yoshi has won the hearts of many for its delicious and purely Japanese variety. The menu has a lot of options that keep tempting you for more. The menu includes Yo-Sushi which are maki rolls and Yo-Kimbap which are Korean sushi rolls. The prices are reasonable and the taste is never to be missed. They are open from 12:30 pm to 1 am

For Reservation at Yoshi’s Karachi, Contact: (021) 35248898

Location: Phase 5, DHA, Karachi.

Chop Chop Wok

Chop Chop Wok is located at Khayaban-e-Badar in Karachi. The 3-step wok is a unique concept introduced by this restaurant. If you are going out for Pan-Asian cuisine with your friends and family and want to try out different flavors, Chop Chop Wok is a good option.

Chop Chop Wok Karachi
Chop Chop Wok Karachi – Sushi Menu
Chop Chop Wok Karachi – Rating

You can prepare your own bowls considering your mood and have a variety served on the same table. The extensive Japanese menu has a flavorful sushi option for sushi lovers. Their best hit is Cocktail Maki Roll serving tuna, prawn tempura, and salmon topped with sauces to produce a great taste. The restaurant opens its doors for guests every day from 12:30 pm to 12 am

For Reservation at Chop Chop Wok Karachi, Please contact: (021) 111965111

Location: Phase 7, DHA, Karachi.


Bonsai located at Ittihad Commercial Area in Phase 6 is another best restaurant serving Pan-Asian cuisine. The talented chefs introduce creativity by reinventing flavors from varied cuisines with a dose of natural flavors and fresh ingredients to present the modern outlook of food. 

Bonsai Karachi
Bonsai Karachi – Sushi Menu
Bonsai Karachi – Rating

The food is presented in a unique way making it a delightful feast to the eyes. The hit from their menu is Bonsai Snow Mountain Maki for PKR 1,490. If you are looking to put out a platter then Assorted Platters for Nigiri and Sashimi are the best. Bonsai is open for lunch from 1 pm to 4 pm and 7:30 pm to 12 pm for dinner. 

For Reservation at Bonsai Karachi, Contact: 0331 3266724

Location: Phase 6, DHA, Karachi.

Which sushi restaurant is your favorite out of all? Share in the comments below.

Happy Ordering!

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