Sweet Creme Karachi Complete Guide – Menu, Prices & Branches 

Sweet Creme Karachi

Ice cream from Sweet Creme after a heavy meal, what a great match!

Sweet Creme has multiple branches in Karachi, offering the sweetest desserts, fresh ice cream, and the creamiest shakes. 

From their cheesecakes to their blizzards, there is so much to try out. On top of their supreme quality and quantity, the prices are economical, making it a student-friendly option. 

If you are thinking about visiting Sweet Creme Karachi, here is all the info you will need. 

Sweet Creme Complete Guide 

In this article, we will explore all the details of sweet creme in Karachi. We have acquired info from their official website to keep our data up to date.

  • Branches 
  • Menu
  • Reviews
  • Delivery 
  • Ambiance 

Sweet Creme – Branches 

Here are the Sweet Creme branches in Karachi. Check out the numbers in the locations below: 

LocationCityContact Number
Block 4 Gulshan-e-IqbalKarachi0311-1666656
Sindhi Muslim Roundabout, Block A, Sindhi Muslim CHS (SMCHS)Karachi0311-1666656
CP & Berar Society CP & Berar CHS, Alamgir RdKarachi0311-1666656
Soldier Bazaar Catholic Colony, Soldier Bazaar RdKarachi0311-1666656

Sweet Creme – Menu

Sweet Creme offers a wide range of items on its menu. It offers over 20+ flavors of shakes and blizzards, multiple ice cream cups and sundaes, and sweet desserts like brownies and cheesecakes. 

Below is a list of all the items available at Sweet Creme with their prices. 

Lotus ShakeRs. 620
Caramel Cheesecake ShakeRs. 560
Oreo ShakeRs. 490
Vanilla ShakeRs. 490
Chocolate ShakeRs. 490
Choco Vanilla ShakeRs. 490
Chocolate Oreo ShakeRs. 490
Mint Oreo ShakeRs. 520
Mint ShakeRs. 520
Mint Choco Chip ShakeRs. 520
Peanut Butter ShakeRs. 520
Choco Peanut Butter ShakeRs. 560
Caramel ShakeRs. 520
Strawberry ShakeRs. 520
Strawberry Cheesecake ShakeRs. 560
Strawberry Banana ShakeRs. 520
Blueberry ShakeRs. 520
Blueberry Cheesecake ShakeRs. 560
Mocha Fudge ShakeRs. 560
Chocolate Xtreme ShakeRs. 560
Java Break ShakeRs. 560
Lotus Cheesecake ShakeRs. 620
Nutella ShakeRs. 620
Caramel Biscotti ShakeRs. 560

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Here are the ice cream flavors available at Sweet Creme Karachi:

Ice Cream Cup Prices
Super Pista Badam cupRs. 260.00
Super Nutty CupRs. 220.00
Super Oreo CupRs. 220.00
Super CupRs. 160.00
Super Brownie CupRs. 230.00
Super Cornetto CupRs. 220.00
Super Cookie CupRs. 240.00
Super Dip CupRs. 260.00
Super Caramel Biscotti CupRs. 240.00

Here are the available Blizzards at Sweet Creme Karachi:

KitKat Xtreme BlizzardRs. 560.00
Lotus Cheesecake BlizzardRs. 620.00
Snickers BlizzardRs. 520.00
Mint Oreo BlizzardRs. 520.00
Maple Walnut BlizzardRs. 520.00
Oreo BlizzardRs. 490.00
Mint Chocolate Chip BlizzardRs. 520.00
KitKat BlizzardRs. 520.00
Chocolate Xtreme BlizzardRs. 560.00
Coffee Xtreme BlizzardRs. 560.00
Cookie Xtreme BlizzardRs. 560.00
Bounty BlizzardRs. 560.00
Malteser’s BlizzardRs. 520.00
Caramel Twix BlizzardRs. 560.00
Dairy Milk BlizzardRs. 520.00
Mango Cheesecake BlizzardRs. 520.00
Blueberry Cheesecake BlizzardRs. 560.00
Strawberry Cheesecake BlizzardRs. 560.00
Caramel Cheesecake BlizzardRs. 560.00
Caramel Biscotti BlizzardRs. 560.00
Toblerone BlizzardRs. 520.00
Ferrero Rocher BlizzardRs. 520.00
Nutty Peanut Butter BlizzardRs. 620.00
Cookie Dough BlizzardRs. 560.00
Mars BlizzardRs. 520.00

Here are the desserts available at Sweet Creme Karachi:

Extra CookieRs. 240.00
Extra BrownieRs. 270.00
Extra Molten Lava CakeRs. 360.00
Double Sauce Brownie With Vanilla BaseRs. 410.00
Brownie With Vanilla BaseRs. 370.00
Molten Lava With Vanilla BaseRs. 460.00
Cheesecake SliceRs. 490.00
Cheesecake With ToppingRs. 540.00
Cookie With Vanilla BaseRs. 360.00

Here are the sundaes available at Sweet Creme Karachi:

Peanut Butter SundaeRs. 420.00
Lotus SundaeRs. 460.00
Strawberry SundaeRs. 420.00
Blueberry SundaeRs. 420.00
Caramel SundaeRs. 420.00
Mango SundaeRs. 420.00
Coffee SundaeRs. 420.00
Vanilla SundaeRs. 420.00
Special Nutty SundaeRs. 420.00
Nutella SundaeRs. 460.00

Here are the available Kids Cup at Sweet Creme Karachi:

Kids CupPrices
Strawberry Top Kids CupRs. 240.00
Chocolate Top Kids CupRs. 240.00
Sprinkle Kids CupRs. 200.00
Mix Jelly Kids CupRs. 200.00
Bunty Kids CupRs. 200.00

Here are the available other treats at Sweet Creme Karachi:

Other TreatsPrices 
Strawberry Cornetto Loaded SundaeRs. 460.00
Brownie Explosion Loaded SundaeRs. 460.00
Tutti FruttiRs. 690.00

Note: Extra toppings will cost Rs. 60 to Rs. 70 each.

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If you want to try out their bestselling items, here is a complete list: 

  • Lotus Shake
  • Oreo Shake
  • Lotus Sundae
  • Molten Lava With Vanilla Base
  • Super Pista Badam Cup
  • Super Nutty Cup
  • Super Oreo Cup
  • Super Cup
  • Nutella Sundae
  • Snickers Blizzard
  • Double Sauce Brownie With Vanilla Base
  • Brownie With Vanilla Base

Sweet Creme – Reviews

Sweet Creme has received widespread acclaim from Google for its delectable flavors and budget-friendly offerings.

Renowned for its unbeatable affordability, Sweet Creme’s cheesecakes, ice creams, shakes, and blizzards consistently delight people. Their swift service and generous portions further enhance the dining experience.

When measured against other prominent dessert establishments in the city, Sweet Creme emerges as a resounding triumph.

Among their offerings, the cheesecakes, shakes, and brownies stand out, celebrated for their exceptional taste and impeccable quality, leaving a mark on discerning palates.

Sweet Creme – Delivery 

To get the ice cream delivered to your house, you can call the given number: 0311-166665. You can also consider takeaway or dine-in at Sweet Creme Karachi

Sweet Creme – Ambiance 

Sweet Creme is great for takeaways because of its limited seating arrangements at most locations. If you are looking for a quick dessert fix, Sweet Creme is the ideal spot but not great if you are visiting with a large number of people. 

The staff is professional, the service is quick, and the vibe is very inviting. 

Try out Sweet Creme Karachi Today!

So that was our take on sweet creme Karachi. 

If you are looking for more ice cream options, the best bakeries, or the nearest street food spots, check out BlogPakistan. 

You will also find deals and discounts, restaurant reviews, and fascinating food facts on the site. 

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