A Comprehensive Guide to Tim Hortons Lahore Menu Card – 2023

Tim Horten Lahore Menu

What’s not to like about a meal filled with delicious donuts, wraps, sandwiches, and refreshing beverages? The popular Canadian restaurant Tim Hortons has opened its branches in Pakistan as well. Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or planning for a meal on the go on a busy workday, the new upscale eatery has got you covered. The biggest standouts of the restaurant include DONUTS and COFFEE. 

If you’re looking for the complete menu of Tim Hortons Lahore, you’ve landed on the right page. Today, we will give you a detailed overview of this high-rated eatery’s menu card. 

Detailed Menu of Tim Hortons Lahore

As of right now, Tim Hortons has three branches in Lahore. Two in Gulberg and one in DHA Phase VI. Let’s take a look at the menu card more closely:

Tim Hortons Donuts

You will usually find these donuts on Tim Hortons menu card:

ClassicPKR 290
PremiumPKR 350
FilledPKR 330

Tim Hortons Sandwiches

The sandwiches Tim Hortons menu card consist of are:

Grilled Chicken Cheese JalapenoPKR 750
Grilled Chicken Cheese TikkaPKR 750
Grilled CheesePKR 600
Lahore BhajiPKR 600

Tim Hortons Wraps & Paninis

For a delicious and filling lunch or dinner, you can choose from these wraps and paninis:

Chicken Caesar WrapPKR 750
Chicken Jalapeno WrapPKR 750
Chicken Chipotle WrapPKR 750
Farmer’s WrapPKR 750
Chicken Caesar Panini PKR 750
Chicken Mushroom PaniniPKR 750
Chicken Jalapeno PaniniPKR 750

Tim Hortons Baked Desserts

Tim Hortons’ menu also includes a few tasty baked desserts, such as

Butter CroissantPKR 450
Chocolate CroissantPKR 450
Pistachio CroissantPKR 450
Muffins & BrowniesPKR 450
CookiesPKR 450

Tim Hortons Hot Beverages

When it comes to hot beverages, Tim Hortons has you covered with options like:


ItemPrice (S)Price (R)Price (L)
AmericanoPKR 350PKR 400PKR 450
CappuccinoPKR 500PKR 550PKR 600
LattePKR 500PKR 550PKR 600
Spanish Latte PKR 550PKR 600PKR 650
MOcha LattePKR 550PKR 600PKR 650
Vanilla LattePKR 550PKR 600PKR 650
Caramel LattePKR 550PKR 600PKR 650
Hazelnut LattePKR 550PKR 600PKR 650
Caramel MacchiatoPKR 550PKR 600PKR 650
Pistachio LattePKR 600PKR 650PKR 700
Flat WhitePKR 600

Tims Classic

ItemPrice (S)Price (R)Price (L)
French Vanilla PKR 600PKR 650PKR 700
Hot ChocolatePKR 600PKR 650PKR 700

Brewed Coffee

ItemPrice (S)Price (R)Price (L)
Brewed CoffeePKR 350PKR 400PKR 450
Double DoublePKR 350PKR 400PKR 450

Tim Hortons Iced Favourites

Tim Hortons’ selection of iced items is perfect for when you need a cool and refreshing drink. Popular choices include:

Premium Blend Iced Capp

ItemPrice (S)Price (R)Price (L)
Original Iced CappPKR 650PKR 730PKR 800
Caramel Iced CappPKR 650PKR 730PKR 800
Java Chip Iced CappPKR 650PKR 730PKR 800
Strawberry Uced CappPKR 650PKR 730PKR 800
Pistachio Iced CaooPKR 650PKR 730PKR 800
Tropical Iced CappPKR 650PKR 730PKR 800
Jaffa Mocha Iced CappPKR 650PKR 730PKR 800

Tims Signature Blended

ItemPrice (S)
Frozen French Vanilla
Frozen Hot Chocolate


ItemPrice (S)Price (R)Price (L)
Peach Lemonade SodaPKR 500PKR 580PKR 650
Lychee Lemonade SodaPKR 500PKR 580PKR 650
Green Apple SodaPKR 500PKR 580PKR 650
Grapefruit Mint SodaPKR 500PKR 580PKR 650
Blue Ocean 7up Orange JuicePKR 500PKR 580PKR 650
Pomelo Grapefruit Orange JuicePKR 500PKR 580PKR 650

Iced Tea

ItemPrice (S)Price (R)Price (L)
Passion Fruit Green TeaPKR 500PKR 580PKR 650
Strawberry Puree OrangePKR 500PKR 580PKR 650
Peach Earl Grey TeaPKR 500PKR 580PKR 650
Lychee Earl Grey TeaPKR 500PKR 580PKR 650

Tim Hortons Cold Beverages

If you’re in the mood for cold beverages, Tim Hortons has a variety of options on their menu, such as:


ItemPrice (S)Price (R)Price (L)
Iced AmericanoPKR 400PKR 450PKR 500
Iced LattePKR 550PKR 600PKR 650
Iced Spanish LattePKR 600PKR 650PKR 700
Iced Mocha LattePKR 600PKR 650PKR 700
Iced Vanilla LattePKR 600PKR 650PKR 700
Iced Caramel LattePKR 600PKR 650PKR 700
Iced Hazelmut LattePKR 600PKR 650PKR 700
Iced Caramel MacchiatoPKR 600PKR 650PKR 700
Iced Pistachio LattePKR 650PKR 700PKR 750

Tims Classic

ItemPrice (S)Price (R)Price (L)
Iced French VanillaPKR 650PKR 700PKR 750
Iced ChocolatePKR 650PKR 700PKR 750

Brewed Coffee

ItemPrice (S)Price (R)Price (L)
Brewed Iced CoffeePKR 400PKR 450PKR 500
Brewed Caramel Iced CoffeePKR 550PKR 630PKR 700
Cold BrewPKR 400PKR 480PKR 550
Vanilla Cream Cold BrewPKR 550PKR 630PKR 700

So why settle for a mediocre meal when you can indulge in a delightful feast at Tim Hortons? Visit this cafe today and experience the true meaning of great food and excellent service.

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