A List Of Healthy Sahur Items To Keep You Energized

The spirit of Ramadan is found in the misery of pain and starvation as we exercise wisdom and virtue during this blessed month. As a result, Sahur is very rewarding in and of itself because it is when we are needed to deliver Fajr and pray for the Intention of fasting. So, in the name of Allah, we’re sharing a list of 7 safe Sahur products to keep you energized so you can feel whole, replenished, and hydrated while detoxing your soul.

The idea behind Sahur is that you should drink lots of water and eat fluid-rich foods to stay hydrated for the day ahead, and that you should eat starchy foods for nutrition, opting for high-fiber or wholegrain varieties wherever possible, as these will help you feel healthier and improve digestion, preventing constipation.

Aside from the religious significance of Sahur, consuming nutritious foods before your body enters fasting mode for the rest day is also very important for the mind and body in general.


Fruits replenish the body, but don’t eat them all because certain fruits have too much natural sugar, and too much sugar will make you thirsty and hungry fast. Watermelons, apricots, bananas, apples, and other fruits and vegetables, along with some nuts, can be a delicious way to begin the fast.

Date & Banana Shake

Dates provide essential nutrients to your body, and bananas provide vitality and a whole feeling, so have this shake to keep you energized throughout your day. Not only will this shake be a healthy alternative it is also very nutritious.


To quench your thirst, try namkeen lassi or even simple lassi, which you can make with water, a little bit of yogurt, and milk. You would not feel dehydrated in any way.

Eggs & Yogurt

In Sahur, eggs and yogurt are excellent sources of nutrition. Both of these foods keep you whole, but because it’s so hot outside, don’t eat eggs every day. Yogurt, on the other hand, can keep you cool and also help you with not getting thirsty throughout your day.


Extremely nutritious and a good source of protein, oatmeal should definitely be on your list of items for sehri. Oatmeal will give you enough energy and nutrition to keep you moving through out your day without feeling lazy or lethargic.

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