All About Soft Swirl Lahore – Branches, Menu & Prices 

All About Soft Swirl Lahore - Branches, Menu & Prices 

There is nothing that a cup of ice cream from Soft Swirl can’t fix!

Their creamy delights sprinkled with goodies make up for a fun dessert. On top of that, they offer a range of options for every budget and liking.

For those planning an ice cream party or a quick dessert fix, here are all the details you need to know about Soft Swirl Lahore.

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Soft Swirl Complete Guide 

The article covers the following info: 

  • Branches
  • Menu
  • Reviews
  • Ambiance 

Soft Swirl Lahore  – Branches

Below are the Soft Swirl branches, locations, and contact numbers: 

Branches LocationContact Number
Johar Town Phase 2Block R2, Johar Town, Phase 2, Lahore…….
Johar Town Phase 1First Floor, Abdul Haque Rd, Block G 1, Phase 1 Johar Town…….
DHA Phase 1H Block, 40, Sector H, Lahore0317 3174283
Sector C Bahria TownSector C, Commercial Area, Lahore0317 3174283

Soft Swirl Lahore – Menu

Below is the Soft Swirl Lahore menu:

Swirls & BrowniePrice
Vanilla SwirlRs. 99
Chocolate SwirlRs 120
Vanilla Nutty SwirlRs 155
Vanilla Brownie SwirlRs 155
Vanilla Oreo SwirlRs 155
Chocolate Oreo SwirlRs 175
Chocolate Brownie SwirlRs 175
Chocolate Nutty SwirlRs 175
Chocolate Flakes SwirlRs 175
BrownieRs 180
Vanilla Chocolate SundaeRs 250
Vanilla Peanut Butter SundaeRs 250
Vanilla Nutella SundaeRs 250
Double Chocolate SundaeRs 270
Chocolate Nutella SundaeRs 270
Chocolate Peanut Butter SundaeRs 270
Vanilla Brownie Loaded SundaeRs 280
Vanilla Cookie Loaded SundaeRs 280
Vanilla Nuts Loaded SundaeRs 280
Vanilla Flakes Loaded SundaeRs 280
Vanilla Raspberry SundaeRs 310
Vanilla Mango SundaeRs 310
Vanilla Strawberry SundaeRs 310
Chocolate Brownie Loaded SundaeRs 320
Chocolate Nuts Loaded SundaeRs 320
Chocolate Cookie Loaded SundaeRs 320
Chocolate Flakes Loaded SundaeRs 320
Coco-mo Express – Vanilla TwisterRs 360
Oreo Supernova – Vanilla TwisterRs 360
Cookie Monster – Chocolate TwisterRs 360
Dairy Milk Fix – Chocolate TwisterRs 360
M&M Mile – Vanilla TwisterRs 390
Kit Kat Connection – Vanilla TwisterRs 390
Twix Mix – Chocolate TwisterRs 390
The Martian – Chocolate TwisterRs 390
Snickers Dunk – Chocolate TwisterRs 390
Bounty Hunter – Chocolate TwisterRs 390
Choco Nutter Butter – Chocolate TwisterRs 399
Brownie Blast – Chocolate TwisterRs 399
Toblerone Tumble – Chocolate TwisterRs 399
Nutty Nebula – Chocolate TwisterRs 399
Nutella Vortex – Vanilla TwisterRs 490
Rocher Rapture – Chocolate TwisterRs 490
Chocolate ShakeRs 330
Vanilla Peanut Butter ShakeRs 330
Vanilla ShakeRs 330
Vanilla Mango ShakeRs 370
Vanilla Strawberry ShakeRs 370
Vanilla Raspberry ShakeRs 370
Vanilla Nutella ShakeRs 370
Vanilla Oreo ShakeRs 370
Vanilla Brownie ShakeRs 370
Chocolate Peanut Butter ShakeRs 380
Chocolate Nutella ShakeRs 390
Chocolate Brownie ShakeRs 390
Chocolate Oreo ShakeRs 390

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Soft Swirl Lahore – Reviews

Soft Swirl has garnered positive reviews from lahore, with over 4-star ratings received by all of its outlets.

Lahories are fond of the delightful ice cream with a diverse range of flavors. The brownie and vanilla-based treats are standout favorites, with the generous portions making customers utterly happy.

Specialties: Brownie, Twister Choco Nutter Butter

Soft Swirl Lahore – Ambiance 

Soft Swirl offers self-service, where you can order at the reception and receive it when it’s completed. 

You can also order from your car at certain outlets, and the waiter will bring your order to you after receiving the payment

The service is usually quick, hassle-free, and convenient for people on the go!

Try out Soft Swirl Today!

So that’s it for our review of Soft Swirl Lahore. Check out more food content on bakeries, desserts, food discounts, and more on BlogPakistan.

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