Best Afghan Food in Islamabad – Menu, Locations, & Specialities

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Loved by people across Pakistan, Afghan cuisine is one of the most celebrated food options.

In major cities, there are many restaurants that serve the authentic Afghan taste, with some being low-key while some are quite fancy.

If you live in Islamabad, there are some hidden gems serving quality Afghan dishes, and we have all the details you need to know about them.

Top Afghan Restaurants in Islamabad

Below are the most popular Afghan Restaurants in Islamabad based on positive reviews.

#Afghan RestaurantsLocationContact Number
1New Kabul RestaurantF7 Markaz(051) 2650953
2TKR (Tahir Khan Restaurant)Shakarparian0304 1110857
3Afghan RestaurantG-9 Markaz0306 5449101
4Balana Afghan Restaurant F-8 Markaz0312 9165664
5Sultan’s Afghan CuisineAgha Khan Rd, F60332 6075555
6Janaan RestaurantF-10 Markaz0302 0958637
7Kabul Balkh RestaurantG-130330 2323614
8Balkh RestaurantF-10/2(051) 6122439
9Kabul Mazar RestaurantG-9/40332 5266721

Now we will go through each Afghan restaurant one by one.

1. New Kabul Restaurant

Considered the best restaurant for Afghan cuisine, the New Kabul Restaurant offers some of the best Afghan dishes in town. It is a busy place to dine in, and you will see many foreigners along with locals eating here.


  • Aghani Chicken Tikka
  • Afghani Kabab
  • Mutton Tikka
  • Chicken Roast
  • Afghani Boti

Contact Number: (051) 2650953

Complete Menu: Check out the Kabul Restaurant F7 menu.

Location: F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Super Market, College Rd, next to Hill View Hotel, Islamabad.

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2. TKR (Tahir Khan Restaurant)

Located in a scenic location, TKR is the best place to enjoy great food with great views. It has Pakistani and Afghan cuisine and is frequently visited by celebrities and food vloggers.


  • Kabuli Pulao
  • Dum Pukht
  • Chapli Kabab

Contact Number: 0304 1110857

Complete Menu: Check out the TKR complete menu here.

Location: Shakarparian, Islamabad.

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3. Afghan Restaurant

If you are looking for a low-key place for great Afghan food, consider the Afghan Restaurant. Located in G9, the place serves fresh and tasty Afghan delights that are affordable.


  • Kabuli Pulao
  • Koila Karahi

Contact Number: 0306 5449101

Complete Menu: Call for the menu.

Location: G-9 Markaz, Shadab Plaza, Islamabad

4. Balana Afghan Restaurant

Balana Afghan Restaurant is an economical venue for tender and juicy Afghan cuisine. Great for families, the place offers delicious Karahi, Dhumba, and Afghan Tikka.


  • Afghani Tikka
  • Chicken Karahi

Contact Number: 0312 9165664

Complete Menu: Check out the complete Balana Afghan Restaurant menu here.

Location: Ayub Market, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad

5. Sultan’s Afghan Cuisine

Sultan’s Afghan Cuisine is a fancy yet small space for Afghan delights. The ambiance and the taste are commendable, and it’s great for family gatherings.


  • Lamb Ribs
  • Kabuli pulao

Contact Number: 0332 6075555

Complete Menu: Call for the menu.

Location: Agha Khan Rd, Roomy Signature Hotel, F6, Islamabad

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6. Janaan Restaurant

Janan is another fancy restaurant that Afghan food lovers can visit. They serve great taste, offer impressive ambiance, and have a wide variety of dishes that you can choose from.


  • Shahi Platter
  • Lamb Rosh
  • Mutton Tikka
  • Kabuli Pulao
  • Chicken Dum Pukht
  • Afghani Chicken Boti
  • Mutton Rosh

Contact Number: 0302 0958637

Complete Menu: Check out the Complete Janaan Restaurant menu here.

Location: Corner Plot, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad

7. Kabul Balkh Restaurant

Kabul Balkh Restaurant is a mid-range Afghan eatery that offers great taste and quantity of food. The place has a chilled-out vibe and is great for weekend getaways.


  • KBR Special Pulao

Contact Number: 0330 2323614

Complete Menu: Call for the menu.

Location: Street 108, G-13/, Islamabad

8. Balkh Restaurant

The Balkh Restaurant is another neat and economical family restaurant with both outdoor and indoor space.

The food is great, and so is their ambiance.


  • Afghani Burger
  • Chicken Roast
  • Mantoo
  • Afghani Boti

Contact Number: (051) 6122439

Complete Menu: Check out the complete Balkh Restaurant menu here.

Location: F-10/2, Tariq Market, Street 14, Islamabad

9. Kabul Mazar Restaurant

Last but not least, the Kabul Mazar Restaurant is another good option to eat delicious Afghan food in the capital.

Serving a multitude of dishes, their taste is supreme, and the quality is worth a try.


  • Kabuli Pulao
  • Mutton do Payaza
  • Kababs

Contact Number: 0332 5266721

Complete Menu: Call for the menu.

Location: Street 55, Peshawar Mor Interchange, G-9/4, Islamabad

Try Afghan Restaurants Today!

So that’s a wrap on Afghan restaurants in Islamabad. Check out Turkish cuisine, street food, and more food-related content on the BlogPakistan site.

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