15 Best Places For Hi-Tea In Lahore -2022

In Lahore, hi-tea has always been a common mealtime choice for people of all ages. Taking note of this, many restaurants in the city now sell a variety of well-portioned platter offerings that they know would attract customers. So, whether you’ve been charged with planning hi-tea or brunch for a party, or if you’re just being proactive and making arrangements for everyone because that’s who you are, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best hi-tea restaurants in Lahore, complete with pricing.

Hi-Teas in Lahore

Here is a list of the best Hi-Teas in Lahore with amazing food and ambiance:

#Hi-Tea Places in LahoreTimings Price Per PersonContact
1Freddy’s Café4 pm to 6 pmPKR 1260 per head042-35754416
2English Tea House4 pm to 7 pmPKR 1500 per head042-35715535
3Spice Bazaar4 pm to 6:30 pmPKR 1295 + Tax per head0311-1122103
4Tree Lounge 4 pm to 7 pmPKR 699 + Tax per head0342-8888733
5Chaayé Khana4 pm to 7 pmPKR 1185 + Tax for two042-35778284
6Bagh 4 pm to 6:30 pmPKR 950 + Tax per head0320-9992244
7Daar Cheeni4 pm to 6:30 pmPKR 845 + Tax per head0308-7777000
8The Urban Cafe Yoglicous3 pm to 6 pmPKR 999 + Tax for two 042-35872216
9Tenerife Café4 pm to 7 pmPKR 1395 + Tax for two0333-4426961
10LA Atrium4 pm to 6:30 pmPKR 1299 + Tax per head0322-9900099
11X2 Cafe4 pm to 7 pmPKR 1390 + Tax per head0301-8506003
12Mouthful3:30 pm to 6:30 pmPKR 1385 per head0311-1333071
13Bean and Grain 4:30 pm to 6:30 pmPKR 999 + tax per head 0311-4927772
14Nan Bun Paneer Ristoranté4 pm to 6 pmPKR 895 +tax per head042-35868811
15Bocata Grill12 pm to 6 pmPKR 945 + tax per head0309-0262282

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1. Freddy’s Café

In the images below, we have added images to help you with the ambiance and hi-tea menu of Freddy’s Café.

Hi Tea of Freddy’s Café
Hi Tea Menu of Freddy’s Café

A retro-style café situated in M.M Alam road. Freddy’s café is known for its best hi-tea in Lahore. It has a very cozy and green ambiance that adds to the style of this place and makes you enjoy your food even more. Due to the Covid-19 protocols, the sitting is outside and limited but it still is a nice and quiet place to enjoy your hi-tea.

They have a variety of welcome drinks, salads, desserts, and other tea-time menu items in their hi-tea menu.

The price of hi-tea at Freddy’s cafe, Lahore is PKR 1260/- per head.

Timings of hi-tea at Freddy’s, Lahore is 4 pm to 6 pm

For reservations, contact: 042-35754416

2. English Tea House

See the images below to get a better picture of the restaurant’s setting and hi-tea menu.

Hi Tea of English Tea House
Hi Tea Menu of English Tea House

This café is not only aesthetic but the whole ambiance of the café is a different vibe, with all glass walls this café certainly stands out making it the best place for hi-tea in Lahore.

The Windsor English Hi-tea platter, which serves two guests, is served at the table. It comes with a pot of tea or coffee, quiche slices, fruit, cheese, fried salmon, chicken skewers, mini chicken puffs, pizza slices, various mini pastries, and chicken sandwiches. They have more Hi-Tea choices, such as scones and desserts, making it the most convenient Hi-Tea place.

The price of hi-tea at English Tea House, Lahore is PKR 1500/-

The Timings of the hi-tea at English Tea House, Lahore is 4 pm to 7 pm

For reservations, contact: 042-35754416

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3. Spice Bazaar

We have attached the images for you to catch the aura of Spice Bazar with a look into its hi-tea menu as well.

Hi Tea of Spice Bazaar
Hi Tea Menu of Spice Bazaar

The best place to curb your hi-tea craving. Spice bazaar is located at MM Alam road with a great atmosphere and crowd. Their Hi-tea is certainly the best in town. They have a variety of items in their hi-tea menu, from traditional delicacies to continental selection they have everything in their menu.

The price of hi-tea at Spice Bazar, Lahore is PKR 1295+ tax per head.

Timings of the hi-tea at the Spice Bazar, Lahore are 4 pm to 6:30 pm

For reservations, contact: 0311-1122103

4. Tree Lounge

The images shown below will give you a clear picture of the atmosphere at Tree Lounge and its hi-tea menu.

Hi Tea of Tree Lounge
Hi Tea Menu of Tree Lounge

Tree Lounge located at Gulberg III, Lahore is the perfect place for having a relaxing meal & is one of the best places for hi-tea in Lahore. They have an excellent environment with outdoor sitting and wooden tables.

Their hi-tea platter has all their delicacies stacked up and it is enough and fulfilling for everyone. They serve a variety of items from sandwiches and salads to small snacks like English trifles and other dessert items with their tea.

The hi-tea at the Tree Lounge, Lahore is priced at approximately PKR 699 + tax per head.

Timings of the hi-tea at the Tree Lounge, Lahore are 4 pm to 7 pm

For reservations, contact: 0342-8888733

5. Chaayé Khana

Have a sneak into the Chaaye Khana, its ambiance, the prices, and the dishes offered for its hi-tea.

Hi Tea of Chaayé Khana
Hi Tea Menu of Chaayé Khana

The list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Chayee khana. There’s no doubt that Chaaye Khana has one of the best breakfast and hi-tea items. Located at MM Alam Road, they also serve a special hi-tea platter which is fulfilling for 2 persons. The platter has all their delicacies, like sandwiches and dessert items with their special chaaye and drinks.

The hi-tea at Chaaye Khana, Lahore is priced at PKR 800 + tax.

The Hi-tea platter for 2 at Chaaye Khana, Lahore is priced at PKR 1185 with tax.

The Timings for the Hi-tea at Chayae Khana, Lahore are 4 pm to 7 pm

For reservations, contact: 042-35778284

6. Bagh – The Desi Experience

In the image slider, we have added images to help you with the ambiance and hi-tea of Bagh – The Desi Experience

Hi Tea of Bagh
Hi Tea Menu of Bagh

Bagh – The Desi Experience in Gulberg III, offers a delicious hi-tea buffet with an extreme desi experience. The buffet starts with a soup and a welcome drink. Indulge in the desi taste with their chaats and snacks, a live station where you can get hot and freshly prepared parathas, BBQ, Bagh special, choice of bread, and delicious desserts and Karak chai. Your eating experience at Bagh will be unforgettable because of the stylish and trendy décor, as well as the highly-trained personnel and prompt customer care. Their Hi-Tea buffet is the perfect balance of sweet and savory.

The Hi-tea at Bagh, Lahore is priced at only PKR 950+tax per person,

Timing of the Hi-tea at Bagh, Lahore is 4 pm to 6:30 pm

For reservations, contact: 0320-9992244

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7. Daar Cheeni

Take a look at the images attached to know Daar Cheeni’s hi-tea menu, buffet price, and timings.

Hi Tea of Daar Cheeni
Hi Tea Menu of Daar Cheeni

MM Alam Road, Gulberg 3, Lahore is home to the Daar Cheeni restaurant. If you enjoy desi and Continental food, this is a perfect spot for hi-tea. Offers a broad choice of Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Assorted sandwiches, classic BBQ foods, chicken lasagna, pot pie, honey glazed wings, chicken tempura, tiny burgers, stuffed chicken with mushroom sauce, and mashed potatoes are just a few of the dishes on their hi-tea buffet. A cold mint margarita and a choice of tea, coffee, or green tea are also offered to customers. To round up your hi-tea experience, Daar Cheeni features separate salad and dessert stations.

The price for a Hi-Tea buffet at Daar Cheeni, Lahore is PKR 845 + tax per head.

The Timings for Hi-tea at Daar Cheeni, Lahore are 4 pm to 6:30 pm

For reservations, contact: 0308-7777000

8. The Urban Cafe Yogalicous

See the images below to look into The Urban Cafe Yogalicious and its hi-tea menu that is enough for two persons.

Hi Tea of The Urban Cafe Yogalicous
Hi Tea Menu of The Urban Cafe Yogalicous

You may have a delicious hi-tea at The Urban Cafe Yoglicious in Gulberg III, Lahore, which will leave you wanting more. Cold sandwiches, handmade patties, chicken and beef sliders, finger fish, pizza, chocolate éclairs, and pastries are included in their hi-tea plate for two. Customers can choose between English, herbal, or blended teas, depending on their preferences.

The eatery’s success is mostly due to its low rates, kind personnel, trendy décor, and pleasant atmosphere.

The price of Hi-Tea at the Urban Cafe, Lahore for two persons is PKR 999 + tax.

The Timings for Hi-Tea at the Urban Cafe, Lahore are 3 pm to 6 pm

For reservations, contact: 042-35872216

9. Tenerife Café

The below images truly delivers the aura offered at Tenerife Cafe and the hi-tea platter menu.

Hi Tea of Tenerife Café
Hi Tea Menu of Tenerife Café

Tenerife Café in Gulberg, Lahore, is another renowned café in the city. Their hi-tea platter includes Cordon bleu chicken, spicy chicken wings, grilled fish, and small burgers, paninis, Oreo mousse, and small bread pudding, to mention a few.

The platter serves two individuals and comes with a choice of cappuccino, tea, or soft drink on the table.

The hi-tea at Tenerife Cafe, Lahore is priced at PKR 1395 + Tax serving two persons.

The Timings for the Hi-Tea at Tenerife Cafe, Lahore are 4 pm to 7 pm

For reservations, contact: 0333-4426961

10. LA Atrium

Get a better picture of the LA Atrium’s ambiance along with what they are serving in their hi-tea buffet.

Hi Tea of LA Atrium
Hi Tea Menu of LA Atrium

The lunch and hi-tea menu of LA Atrium Restaurant in Gulberg 3 is possibly the most extensive in the city. This popular Lahore restaurant serves a wide range of salads and dips, as well as a delectable selection of Pakistani cuisine, BBQ items, Chinese and Thai cuisine, Continental dishes, and a variety of tea-time snacks such as chicken patties, mini samosey, pizza, sandwiches, and potato cheese balls, to name a few.

Meanwhile, the dessert table features a wide range of options, including classic gulab jamun as well as egg and bread pudding.

The price for Hi-Tea at LA Atrium, Lahore is PKR 1299 + tax per person.

The Timings for the Hi-Tea at LA Atrium, Lahore are 4 pm to 6:30 pm

For reservations, contact: 0322-9900099

11. X2 Cafe

The images below serve to provide a better look into X2 Cafe inner setting and the food offered in the hi-tea plater.

Hi Tea of X2 Cafe
Hi Tea Menu of X2 Cafe

X2 Cafe, located in DHA Phase 3, Valencia Town, and Gulberg II, is one of the luxurious cafes in Lahore. You can get both tasty food and a cozy environment. Their hi-tea platter for two is reasonably priced and includes X2 special soup, drinks, seven mouth-watering items in the main course, and different desserts like cupcakes, brownies, puddings, and pie of the day.

The Hi-Tea platter for two at X2 Cafe, Lahore is PKR 1390 + tax.

Timings for Hi-Tea at X2 Cafe, Lahore are 4 pm to 7 pm

For reservations, contact: 0301-8506003

12. Mouthful

Below we have attached pictures for a clear look at the restaurant and hi-tea menu offered at Mouthful.

Hi Tea of Mouthful
Hi Tea Menu of Mouthful

Mouthful located in M.M Alam Road, Lahore is famous for its serene ambiance. It brings for its guests an impeccable buffet experience with a satisfying and plentiful Hi-Tea buffet. The buffet includes almost 15 main dishes along with chaat corner serving spicy but delicious chaat which is a must-try by chaat lovers. Their hi-tea is available from Monday to Saturday.

The hi-tea buffet at Mouthful, Lahore is priced at PKR 1385 per head.

Timings of Hi-Tea Buffet at Mouthful, Lahore are 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm

For reservations, contact: 0311-1333071

13. Bean and Grain

Hi-Tea Menu

Bean and Grain is located in Graden Town Lahore and is a popular destination for a Hi-Tea buffet. Offering a variety of Continental, Chinese and Pakistani dishes their buffet is favored by many. They also provide a welcome drink and soup with their buffet menu. Their main course Chinese dishes and desserts are the highlight of the Hi-tea Buffet.

The Hi-tea buffet at Bean and Grain, Lahore is priced at 999 + tax.

The Timing of the Hi-Tea Buffet at Bena and Grain, Lahore is 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm.

For reservation, contact:  0311-4927772

14. Naan Bun Paneer Ristoranté

Hi-Tea Menu

The Naan Bun Paneer Ristoranté is located on Ferozepur Road Lahore and provides an elegant environment for a Hi-Tea Buffet. Their menu offers a mix of delectable items including sandwiches, salads, Chinese and BBQ dishes. The cakes mousse and tiramisu on offer provide the proverbial icing on the cake for this hi-tea.

The hi-tea at Naan Bun Paneer Ristorante, Lahore is priced at Rs. 895+tax

The timing of the hi-tea at Naan Bun Paneer, Lahore is 4pm to 6pm

For reservation, contact: 042-35868811

15. Bocata Grill

Bocata Hi-Tea
Hi-Tea Menu

The Bocata Grill offers an extended Hi-Tea from 12 pm to 6 pm with slots for 1.5 hours. The menu includes traditional delicacies as well as a variety of fried items and sweet dishes. Their variety of salads give them an edge over the competitors and make this a sought-after hi-tea buffet in Lahore.

The Price of Hi-tea at Bocata Grill, Lahore is Rs. 945+tax

The timing of hi-tea at Bocata Grill, Lahore is 12 pm to 6 pm with 1.5-hour slots.

For reservation, Contact: 0309 0262282

Authors’ Note:

We try our best to keep on updating the article with the latest closing and opening of the restaurants along with their Hi-Tea prices and timings.

In the comment section below, let us know how helpful this blog was for you and which of the above-mentioned places you’re tempted to try out now.

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