Cheezious Rawalpindi: Menu & Prices

menu of cheezious in rawalpindi

Craving for something cheesy? Visit Cheezious. The fantastic fast-food joint has cool atmosphere, courteous staff, and the best taste to make your dining experience memorable. Although its pizzas are well-known, there are many other edibles as well. Scrumptious sandwiches, platters, pasta, burgers, hot wings, and fries, to name a few. Right now, cheezious has five branches in Rawalpindi. 

If you are looking for the complete menu of cheezious in Rawalpindi you have come to the right place. We have discussed the menu card of this eatery in detail here. You can find the prices as well. 

Menu of Cheezious Rawalpindi

A custom-designed menu at Cheezious houses almost every fast food item to satisfy your taste buds!

let’s look at the menu card more closely:

Cheezious Rawalpindi Pizzas

Here is a list of the pizza options offered at Cheezious Rawalpindi:

ItemPrice (Including Tax)
Crown CrustFrom Rs 1,150
Stuff Crust PizzaFrom Rs 1,200
Chicken TikkaFrom Rs 470
Chicken Fajita From Rs 470
Chicken lover From Rs 470
Chicken Tandoori From Rs 470
Hot n Spicy From Rs 470
EuroFrom Rs 470
Chicken SupremeFrom Rs 470
Black Pepper TikkaFrom Rs 470
Chicken MushroomFrom Rs 470
Sausage PizzaFrom Rs 470
Vegetable PizzaFrom Rs 470
Cheeze Lover Pizza  – Rs 470From Rs 470
Chicken Pepperoni pizzaFrom Rs 470
Cheezious SpecialFrom Rs 470
Chicken ExtremeFrom Rs 470
Behari KababFrom Rs 470

Note: Prices of pizzas vary based on the size, type of dough, and toppings

Cheezious Rawalpindi Rolls

This eatery offers two scrumptious kabab rolls for those in the mood for crispy and spicy items. These include:

ItemPrice (Including Tax)
Behari RollsRs 500
Arabic rollsRs 500

Cheezious Rawalpindi Sandwiches

If you are craving for sandwiches, try these:

ItemPrice (Including Tax)
Mexican sandwichRs 650
Pizza stackerRs 700
Euro SandwichRs 650

Cheezious Rawalpindi Burgers

The following burgers are available on the cheezious menu Rawalpindi:

ItemPrice (Including Tax)
Zinger supremeRs 600
Reggy burgerRs 300
Zinger burgerRs 430

Cheezious Rawalpindi Pasta

ItemPrice (Including Tax)
Chicken Crunchy PastaRs 670

Cheezious Rawalpindi Starters

You can choose from a large variety of appetizers at this resturant. Have a look:

ItemPrice (Including Tax)
FriesRs 170
Hot WingsRs 320
NuggetsRs 300
Chicken PieceRs 220
Cheezious sticksRs 480
Oven Baked WingRs 400
Behari RollsRs 500
Arabic rollsRs 500
Calzone ChunksRs 800
Flaming WingsRs 450

Cheezious Platters

Don’t forget to order these two platters when you come here with your family or group:

1 – Classic Roll Platter

The classic roll plate has four Bihari rolls and four Arabian rolls for you. Fries and sauce are included as well. The price of this platter is Rs. 800.

2 – Special Roasted Platter 

This platter includes 4 Pcs Bihari rolls, 6 pcs wings, fries, and sauce and comes at just Rs. 800. If you are craving for something spicy, go for it.

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Cheezious Rawalpindi Best Deals

The restaurant serves everything in a classy, appealing setting. Cheezious Menu Rawalpindi also has a variety of exciting deals for you to enhance your dining experience even more. Check out their four best deals below:

1 – Somewhat amazing 1

This deal offers 2 zinger burgers, regular fries, and 2 regular drinks in just Rs. 930 only.

2 – Somewhat amazing deal 2

This deal includes 2 zinger burgers, 2 pcs chicken, large fries, and 2 regular drinks and comes at just Rs. 1200.

3 – Somewhat amazing 3

You can enjoy 3 amazing zinger burgers, large fries, and a 1-liter drink with their somewhat amazing deal 3. The price of this deal is Rs. 1450. 

4 – Somewhat amazing 4

This is the deal you won’t ever want to pass up. It comprises three zingers, three chicken pieces, and a one-liter drink for the low price of Rs. 1500.

Pizza Deals

Small Pizza Deal

This deal on cheezious menu Rawalpindi includes one soft drink and one pizza of any flavor from Local Love Or Over the Sea Flavor Category and comes at Rs. 520.

Regular Pizza Deal

For Rs. 1,050, get 1 Regular Pizza and 2 Regular Drinks.

Large Pizza Deal

Get any pizza flavor from the “Local Love” or “Over the Sea” category and a 1-liter drink for Rs. 1450.

Let’s Go!

Offering everything from scrumptious grilled pizzas to hot, stuffed Arabian rolls, Cheezious Menu Rawalpindi is the best place to find cheap fast food in the twin cities. Enjoy creating warm memories with your loved ones here while enjoying delectable cuisine and a calm atmosphere.

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