6 Easy Exercises For Weight Loss You Can Do At Home

Exercises for Weight Loss

Starting an exercise is fairly easy, but sticking to it until the goal is achieved is the real task. During the weight loss journey, many of us tend to lose motivation, probably when we don’t see the outcome in the shorter run. There will be many ups and downs during the process, the goal is to remain consistent and don’t compare ourselves with others. Some weight loss exercises that are working best for others might not be fruitful for us, or some exercises give results in a shorter time for some people and take longer for others. 

Exercises not only help you in your fitness journey but improves your overall mood as well. The most important factors worth considering to lose weight are the combined efforts of dieting and exercising. Skipping any of these two will not produce the desired results.

So, let’s take a look at the easy exercises for weight loss that can be performed at home. 

Exercises for Weight Loss

Make yourself stronger, healthier, and fitter at the ease of your home. In this article, we will discuss some of the effective weight loss exercises that can be performed anywhere and anytime with little to no setup. Here are some of the best exercises that can help you out in your weight loss journey. 

  1. Strength Training
  2. Yoga
  3. Interval Training
  4. Pilates
  5. Skipping or Jumping Rope
  6. Kickboxing

Strength Training

Strength Training is the most beneficial exercise for weight loss that can be carried out at home. It involves multiple exercises and moves aimed at building lean muscles and needs to be done at least three times a week. The body moves involve burning more calories per rep, and at the same time, more muscles are stimulated per rep. Experts agree that Compound moves, recruiting large muscles and utilizing them at a single time, leads to significant fat burn. 

The most recommended strength training exercises for weight loss include:


1. Squats

One of the top recommended exercises is the squats, and if you do weighted squats, that will be a plus. Weighted squats use a majority of lower body muscles while also involving back and abdominal muscles for support. More muscles are in action, the result is more calories burnt. Begin your strength-training exercise with bodyweight squats and gradually shifting towards weighted squats. 


2. Deadlifts

Deadlifts are part of strength-training exercises that engage the whole body. Since it is the involvement of the full-body, it induces more hormonal reaction and blood flow to the specific muscles involved, increasing the likelihood of fat loss. The major muscle group involved is: 

  • Glutes
  • Hamstrings
  • Quads
  • Back muscles

Start with light weights and gradually increase them as you become ready. 


3. Lunges

Lunges are recommended to help with weight loss. They are carried out by moving one step forward and stepping back to the starting position. To make it more intense, you can do walking lunges, which increase heart rate and metabolism for faster weight loss. 

Split Squats

4. Split Squats

A bit different from Lunges, Split Squats involve placing the legs in a split position while lowering the body and raising the hips. This movement targets the lower part with decreased risk of back injury. Add a shoulder press to this exercise to involve the upper body and core to make it a total body exercise. 

Kettlebell Swings

5. Kettlebell Swings

A full-body exercise utilizing the entire core, legs, and glutes to create tension in the body. As a result, the heart pump increases, and massive calories are burnt. 

Triceps Push-Ups

6. Triceps Push-Ups

Push-Ups are effective for building the muscles in the arms. Start practicing triceps push-ups with straight legs, and then shift to inverted push-ups for a full-body move. 


7. Pull-Ups

Pull-ups and Chin-ups target the upper body, including arms, upper back, and core. Doing it properly creates a thoracic extension throughout the movement. 

Bench Presses

8. Bench Presses

A proper Bench Press involves the engagement of legs alongside the upper body. Use dumbbells or a barbell for active involvement of the whole body. 

Glute Bridge With Chest Presse

9. Glute Bridge With Chest Presse

Another intense exercise that engages every single muscle in the body. This compound movement focuses on shaping your whole body mainly glutes and pectorals. 


 10. Thruster

The Thruster involves a front squat and an overhead press. Squats involve the engagement of lower body muscles and overhead press involves upper body muscles and more importantly core and shoulders. 

Renegade Rows

 11. Renegade Rows

To involve the entire core, back, and biceps, Renegade Rows is the one! They are effective for involving full-body movement. Along with the benefits of plank, it involves the upper body in the process as well. 

Dumbbell Box Step-Ups

 12. Dumbbell Box Step-Ups

Last on the list is Step-Ups, which is a great exercise to strengthen the legs and stabilize the core and back muscles. Start with a small step, use a sturdy bench, wooden box, or a kid’s chair, make sure the knee is 90-degrees to your body. Hold a dumbbell or kettlebell and start moving. 

A noteworthy thing is there are more risks of injury if multiple muscle movements are performed incorrectly. Consulting a trainer for the evaluation of your movements is a must. 


Yoga is another easy exercise for weight loss that can be carried out at home. Yoga can help you lose weight, taking a longer time, but if you combine it with a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine, it will show beneficial results in a shorter span. Benefits of yoga include:

  • Building strength
  • Cultivating mindfulness
  • Improving endurance
  • Weight loss

The more active forms of yoga will help you lose weight by burning more calories. If you are a beginner, consider taking in-person yoga sessions from a trained instructor. Examples of intense physical types of yoga are:

  • Ashtanga
  • Vinyasa
  • Power yoga 

Make it a habit of practicing active and intense yoga at least 3 – 5 times per week. Some of the Yoga poses for weight loss are:

  • Chaturangadandasana – Plank pose: To strengthen your core
  • Virabhadrasana – Warrior pose: Toning thighs and shoulders
  • Trikonasana – Triangle pose: Reduce fat deposit in belly and waist
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana – Downward Dog pose: Toning whole body
  • Sarvangasana – Shoulder stand: Boosting metabolism
  • Sethu Bandha Sarvangasana – Bridge pose: Improves muscle tone
  • Parivrtta Utkatasana – Twisted Chair pose: Works the abdominal muscles
  • Dhanurasana – Bow pose: Losing belly fat
  • Surya Namaskara – Sun Salutation: Tones major muscles

Interval Training

Interval Training, as the name indicates, involves short periods of time. For an interval workout, there are alternatives for short periods of hard work and easier work. This cycle is repeated several times to make it a complete workout.

Interval Training

Researchers suggest that Interval Training with High-Intensity Workouts focuses more on intensity rather than duration, and people have different successes with different interval lengths. An example may be: 

  • Hard workout: 2 minutes
  • Active rest: 3 minutes

Repeating the cycle multiple times. It is noteworthy that the shorter the interval, the more intense the workout should be. As you progress through your workout routine, be mindful to eat enough protein for the body to burn more calories and tone muscles. 



Pilates is categorized under exercises for weight loss, but it takes a longer time to be effective than other exercises. If you are targeted towards toning your body and building strength along with losing weight with slow and gradual steps, you can try out this exercise. Pilates can benefit you for:

  • Body Shaping: Tones muscles, especially around the midsection.
  • Building Strength: Physical capability to do exercise and lose weight. 
  • Movement: Get up and get moving for weight loss.
  • Activity: More movement will lead to more weight loss.
  • Attitude: Benefits spirit and mind.

For intensive exercise, people look for pilates classes coupled with high-intensity interval training. 

Skipping or Jumping Rope

Skipping or Jumping Rope

Skipping or Jumping Rope burns more calories than you can lose with other exercises, while also being cheap and portable. Not only it benefits weight loss to a considerable extent but also improves cardiovascular health. Doing it for 15 – 20 minutes can do wonders for you. Jumping rope can be part of your workout routine and diet to drop greater pounds at a faster rate.



Kickboxing is a great workout for weight loss. With this exercise, you can burn more calories in a shorter span. If you decide and are ready to put your max effort into kickboxing, it is a great deal in raising heart rate and losing belly fat. 

Cardio kickboxing is more beneficial as it involves short bursts of energy combined with martial arts movements. It involves the use of arms and the upper body. It can become a full-body workout when coupled with high-intensity workouts. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself in this process. 

Start Losing!

There is a bundle of exercises that can help you lose weight. Above mentioned exercises are great choices for guaranteed weight loss. The most important thing is to choose an exercise that interests you, increasing the likelihood of going on with it in the long run and staying motivated. 

Before starting any exercise and whatever your health condition, consulting your general physician is a wise decision. You need to be sure that you are healthy enough for vigorous physical activity.

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