Good News For Storytellers; RINSTRA Is Here In Pakistan

Good News for Storytellers; RINSTRA Is Here in Pakistan

The Pakistan film industry is set on the path to high-rise. Hundred of films, short films, and documentaries, have been produced and released in Pakistan, giving an opportunity to young talent and newcomers. Be that be new actors, producers, or directors. However, the pandemic has come as a huge milestone in the development of the film industry, like cinemas, film festivals and other activities have come to a halt. The pandemic might push back all the efforts made for the revival of the film industry in Pakistan if we do not act timely. Now is the best time for us to shift to digital, and tell our stories without anyone or anything stopping us.

RINSTRA is Pakistan’s very own, first digital media platform for on-demand streaming. It will also be driven by originally created content, giving an opportunity to new content-creators.


RINSTRA was the brainchild of a volunteer Organization called Distinguished Innovation Collaboration and Entrepreneurship, DICE. the main aim of DICE is to create an environment that is favorable for the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

It acts as a bridge between the digital creators and investors. It works with academic institutions, showcasing the innovations from universities to the investors and then the industry. The investments made by these investors in some of the innovations by digital creators have resulted in quite good outcomes and ventures.

RINSTRA is a gateway for local digital content creators and talent to showcase their work internationally in the market and platform. Talents and rising stars are promoted on RINSTRA, which will create a global opportunity for artists. Through the platform, digital creators can create, discover, and monetize their work and pursue it.

Anyone having an idea can showcase their idea, through their work and make an impact on people and break certain narratives of the media, through his efforts. RINSTRA is surely here to make an impact and finally showcase the Pakistani talent.

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