Top 13 Most Followed TikTokers in Pakistan – Updated List 2023

most followed tiktokers in pakistan 2022

Earlier, actors had to hustle really hard to enter the film industry and become renowned, but now, thanks to TikTok, there is no need for it. 

Anybody can use this wonderful video-sharing app and quickly rise to fame. The platform has changed many people’s lives in Pakistan as well. 

Let’s check out the top 13 TikTok stars in Pakistan. All of these TikTokers are garnering a sizable fan base, money, and media recognition as a result of their outstanding acting skills.

Most Followed TikTokers in Pakistan

TikTok has recently gained popularity not only among superstars but also among ordinary people. The 13 best Pakistani TikTokers are as follows:

#NameFollowersTikTok Handles
1Jannat Mirza23.8M@jannatmirza
2Kanwal Aftab 19.1M@kanwal.135
3Ali Khan17.8M@ali_khan110
4Alishba Anjum17.6M@alishbahanjum
6Nausheen Syed (Dolly)14.7M@dollyofficiall
7Areeka Haq11.4M@areeka__haq
8Nadeem Mubarak11.2M@nadeemmubarakofficial
9Usman Asim10.9M@usmanasim66
10Sehar Hayat10.4M@sehar_hayyat
11Toqeer Ahmad (Phoollu)10.1M@phoolllu
12Sid Mr.Rapper9.7M@sidmr.rapper4
13Minahil Malik8.5M@minahilmalik727

1 – Jannat Mirza 

Jannat Mirza

Jannat is the most followed Pakistani TikToker. She belongs to Faisalabad and is loved for her dancing videos, romantic lip-syncs, and comedy clips. She is also a PISA award winner.

She made her film debut with the movie “Tere Bajra De Rakhi” and was offered roles in popular dramas like “Parizad” and “Hum Kahan ke Sachay Thay”.

Jannat Mirza was born on September 14, 2000, and captivates millions with her talent and strong moral values, as seen in her bio: “Rather be honest than impressive.”

Total Followers: 23.8M

Total Likes: 716.7M

2 – Kanwal Aftab

Kanwal Aftab

Kanwal Aftab is a TikTok star, model, vlogger, ex-host at Urdu Point, Anchor, and Journalist. She hails from Lahore and has an estimated net worth of $1 million-$5 million. On TikTok, she is liked for her lip-sync performances and comedic videos.

She is known for talking about serious issues like domestic violence and for showing support for other celebrities. She voiced her support for Jannat Mirza in a controversy against Bushra Ansari and was seen at her salon opening as well.

She is married to Zulqarnain Sikandar who is another popular TikToker.

Kanwal also hosts a show called ‘The Late Night Show with Kanwal Aftab‘ on APlus TV channel. Her hobbies are traveling, reading, and vlogging. 

Total Followers: 19.1M

Total Likes: 726.5M

3 – Ali Khan

Ali Khan

Ali Khan is famous for his awkward slow-mo walk while wearing red sunglasses and delivering fun dialogues on TikTok.

Despite the hate and trolling online, Ali has managed to stay positive and has over 17 million followers under his belt. Before gaining fame he used to work at a shoe shop. As he continued making videos, more fans started visiting his store, inspiring him to start as a full-time influencer.

He is the 2nd Pakistani male to hit the 11 Million followers milestone on TikTok. If you are looking for some light entertainment, his channel should be on your list.

Total Followers: 17.8M

Total Likes: 1.1B

4 – Alishba Anjum

Alishba Anjum

Also known as Lishay, Alishba is a Pakistani TikToker who is well-known for her fashion sense, gorgeous smile, and upbeat videos.

Lishay’s father works as a cop, while his mother is a housewife. Furthermore, her sister Jannat Mirza is Pakistan’s most followed TikToker. In addition to TikTok, Alishba also posts her videos and modeling photographs on Instagram and Snapchat.

Her fashion, lifestyle, and dance videos have received praise from fans but many question if she deserves the fame she is getting.

She has been seen in a “not so creative” short film alongside TikToker Zulqarnain which raised criticism. Despite her acting endeavours her charm and good looks keep captivating followers who adore her fashion sense and beauty.

Total Followers: 17.6M

Total Likes: 553.9M

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5 – Zulqarnain


Born on 25th May 1998 in Gujrat, Pakistan, Zulqurnain is among the most followed Pakistani TikTokers. Zulqurnain’s funny and lighthearted videos have made him quite well-liked.

Zulqarnain and Kanwal Aftab tied the knot in April 2021. 

He is the first Pakistani man and the 3rd Pakistani influencer to hit the 10 Million mark on TikTok. He works hard and is very creative. Zulqarnain has appeared in the drama series Masters, which aired on Express TV.

He has also appeared alongside Jannat Mirza and Alishba Anjum in a short film which although didn’t serve high-quality content, but is a fun film for youngsters to have a good laugh.

Total Followers: 16.2M

Total Likes: 783M

6 – Dolly


Born on 16 August 1994, Dolly is currently ruling the world of showbiz. She started off as a fashion artist and model but soon opened a salon called ‘Beauty Concept Salon.

She also launched her own fashion label, Bling, after some time. As for her TikTok career, she uploads mesmerizing lip-syncing videos, dance recordings, and movie dialogue clips.

She has faced backlash in the past from moral police calling her out for not dressing and acting her age. Despite the hate, she continues her work in the fashion and entertainment industry, entertaining her audience of millions.

Total Followers: 14.7M

Total Likes: 411.3M

7 – Areeka Haq

Areeka Haq

The stunning young star from Karachi, Pakistan, registered for the app in 2018. Within a very short period of time, people began to like and follow her. She is adored most for her stunning looks and endearing smile. Areeka has also done numerous brand promotions.

Her duet with Asim Azhar, “Tum Tum” is also highly deserving of praise. She is one of the cutest and most versatile content creators online, and audiences love how she can pull off both Eastern and Western looks with such ease.

Her aesthetic photos and fun clips always charm the audience, who keep craving more of her content.

Total Followers: 11.4M

Total Likes: 303.8M

8 – Nadeem Mubarak

Nadeem Malik

Nadeem Mubarak, better known as Nadeem Naniwala, has around 11M followers on TikTok.

The Lahore-born TikToker is 26 years old and currently lives in London with an estimated net worth of $2 million. His song Cute Jehi Look received a lot of attention.

In the past, he has stood up for fellow TikTokers like Ali Khan, who was being bashed for using inappropriate comments for a girl during a live session.

He stated that mistakes are a part of life and one should apologize in such situations. He disagreed with the excessive backlash and supported Ali in his time of need.

Total Followers: 11.2M

Total Likes: 482.7M

9 – Usman Asim

Usman Asim

Usman Nasim is a Pakistani TikToker famous for his funny videos. He makes all kinds of entertaining content from funny skits to videos on everyday situations.

He also makes religious videos to promote small acts of kindness. From fun skits on family issues to slow-mo’s and food videos, you will find a variety of funny and light-hearted comedy on his channel.

He is definitely a TikToker you shouldn’t miss out on!

Total Followers: 10.9M

Total Likes: 406M

10 – Sehar Hayat

Sehar Hayat

Sehar Hayat is a popular TikToker, model, and beauty influencer in Pakistan. Even at such a young age, she has already attained immense fame and recognition.

Apart from TikTok, she also has her own YouTube channel, where she often posts videos. She is known for her short films like “Jahez“, Akhir Kasoor Kis Ka, and “TARBIYAT“, where she delivered key messages to the massive and raised awareness.

She and singer Sami Rasheed have tied the knot and are expecting their first child soon.

Total Followers: 10.4M

Total Likes: 353.4M

11 – Phoolllu


Hailing from the village Murala, Mandi Bahauddin, Toqeer Ahmad (Phoolllu) is a famous TikTok star in Pakistan. His funny videos and lip-sync performances are well-liked among people.

Due to his enormous popularity on social media, he has received several advertisements. His videos give us a glimpse into village life and he also shares his international trips with his fans.

Total Followers: 10.1M

Total Likes: 412.6M

12 – Sid Mr.Rapper

Sir Mr.Rapper

Sid is a rapper, singer, and model, famous for his nibba nibbi videos on TikTok. People love his unique style and quirky outfits and he has also released a music video titled “Khabhi Aar, Khabhi Par”, which has crossed 2 million views on YouTube.

His YouTube channel has granted him a huge fan base where people love his comedy and music videos. His TikTok videos cover funny skits, lifestyle videos, and slo-mo’s.

If you love music and comedy, do check out his channel.

Total Followers: 9.7M

Total Likes: 795.4M

13 – Minahil Malik

Minahil Malik

The gorgeous Minahil Malik belongs to Karachi and has earned humongous popularity on social media for her amazing music and dance videos.

She also models and has appeared in several advertisements for products like Cheetos and 7UP. Her TikTok videos showcase fun lip-sync videos to songs, funny skits, and fashion.

Her carefree nature, charm, and beauty allure fans who adore her content.

Total Followers: 8.5M

Total Likes: 286.9M


So this was our list of the 13 most followed Pakistani TikTokers. If you want to see which Instagram accounts have the most followers, click the link.

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