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how to get loan or advance balance of zong

There is nothing worse than being told that your phone balance is low when you really need to make an urgent phone call. We often face such emergency situations when we are out of balance and can’t locate any balance recharging shop near us. Being a Zong user, you don’t need to be worried anymore as you can avail their advance balance service in the hour of need. 

Zong wants to serve its customers with the finest possible service in order to meet their expectations and keep a positive customer review. In this guide, learn about how you can take an instant loan from Zong for either call, SMS, or internet service. 

How to Take Loan in Zong – 2023

Opt for a Zong Advance Loan to get an instant loan for making calls, sending SMS, and surfing the internet. In order to better serve its customers, Zong users can also apply for a Super Advance loan for an increased amount.

There are three methods of getting loan from zong:

1. Through Code

To get loan from zong through code, you need to follow these three steps:

  1. On your Zong prepaid SIM, dial code *911#.
  2. Wait for the service confirmation message
  3. Enjoy Instant Credit right away

2. Through SMS

You can also get loan in zong by sending a blank SMS to 6911. This is the easiest and most utilized method by zong consumers.

3. Through Zong App

The steps you need to follow to get zong advance balance are as follows:

  1. Download My Zong App.
  2. On the home screen, go to the loan section and tap the “Get Loan” button. 

Note: you can avail the advance loan twice before your next successful recharge

Zong Loan Charges

Depending on the recharge history in the last 3 months, the below-mentioned amount is deducted from the customer’s account:

CategoryLoan Amount (PKR)Service Charges (PKR)
Single Advance Loan154.5 + tax
Two Standard Advance Loans309 + tax
Single Super Advance Loan308 + tax
Two Super Advance Loans6016 + tax

Terms and Conditions

  • In the last three months, customers with a recharge of more than PKR 660 in last 3 months are eligible for a Super advance loan of PKR 60 i.e. PKR 30/ loan transaction per recharge.
  • Customers with a recharge history of less than PKR 660 in the past 3 months can avail PKR 30 loan i.e. PKR 15/ loan transaction per recharge. 
  • Customers of Zong can now make a total of two transactions for Advance Loans every recharge.
  • Standard customers pay PKR 4.5 + tax for each Advance Loan transaction.
  • For super-advanced customers, the advance service cost is PKR 8 + tax for every advance loan transaction.
  • Customers can apply for one or two Advance Loans, depending on their needs.


Q. What is the Zong Advance Loan amount?

Ans. Standard value customers would be eligible for an Advance Loan of PKR 30 while High Value Customers will be eligible for an Advance Loan of PKR 60. With Standard Value, customers will receive PKR 15 per attempt, while with High-Value Segment, they would receive PKR 30 per attempt, and a maximum of two advance loan transactions can be made on a single recharge.

Q. What are the service charges of Zong Advance Loan?

Ans. Low-value customers pay PKR 4.5 + Tax/loan transaction, whereas consumers with high-value accounts pay PKR 8 + Tax/loan transaction.

Q. How to take Super Advance Loans?

Ans. Customers who have recharged at least PKR 660 in the last three months are eligible for a Super Advance loan, however, they must activate both Advance Loans individually.

Q. What is the payback amount?

Ans. For a normal Advance loan (PKR 30), the minimum recharge required will be PKR 50. For a Super Advance Loan (PKR 60), customers need to recharge a minimum amount of PKR 100. 

Q. Who can avail Advance Loan?

Ans. Only Zong prepaid users are eligible for advance loans.

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