Islamabad’s First-ever Drive-in Movie Theater Is Coming!

Drive in

It would be correct to say that the pandemic has affected all the major industries of Pakistan. With the lockdowns and ban on social gatherings, many industries suffered in Pakistan, and still, when things are starting to get back to normal, some industries find it hard to stand back up again. Even though everybody did try to cope up with the first wave, by following SOP’s and taking precautions, in hopes that they will survive and be back in business post-pandemic, the second wave seems to be surging at quite a pace.

The entertainment industry, especially the cinema’s culture in Pakistan suffered a great blow since it was dependent on people, and the new SOP’s discouraged public gatherings, cinemas had to close down and be out of business. Going back to the cinemas like on a normal day seems like such a distant reality right now.

Drive-In Cinema

Islamabad citizens have demanded a drive-in cinema. A wish that they have had for ages, and it looks like it’s soon going to become a reality. The only good outcome that seems to pull out of the pandemic, social distancing, and SOP’s is that the reality of Drive-in cinemas is becoming a reality.

The demand was initiated on Twitter by an Islamabad-based Twitter account who request the District Commisner (DC) Islamabad Hamza Shafqat, a drive-in cinema in the capital, given the ongoing Covid-crisis and social distancing SOPs. To our delight, the DC replied to the request, with a very positive response of informally announcing the launch of a Drive-in Cinemas.

However, as we are familiar with our Twitterati’s responses they seem to be divided into two groups. While some are rejoicing and appreciating the news, there is a group who’s criticizing and raising concern about the adding of air pollution that this can cause.

But we are definitely happy for the Capital to have it’s first very own, Drive-in Cinema.

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