6 BEST Mutton Karahi Spots in Islamabad You Must Try

mutton karahi in islamabad

Mutton Karahi is every meat lover’s dream. It’s filling, savory and can serve multiple people. 

If you are looking for economical options for a hang out with friends or family, here are 6 recommendations of the best mutton karahi places in Islamabad. 

Best Mutton Karahi Venues in Islamabad

Below are 6 pocket-friendly restaurants offering the best mutton karahi in Islamabad city. We have added popular venues that offer great value for money. 

#Mutton Karahi in IslamabadAddressContact Number 
1Bismillah Tikka and CharghaF/8-2(051) 2280302
2Butt KarahiF/8 Markaz0335 0929999 
3Khyber ShinwariG-9/40302 5577337
4Purana Shinwari RestaurantG/9-4(051) 2250444
5Shiraz RestaurantGulberg Greens0310 4741111
6Sufi ShinwariF/8 Markaz(051) 2255599

Now let’s explore each mutton karahi venue with its menu and contact info. 

1. Bismillah Tikka and Chargha

With a 4.2 rating on Google, Bismillah Tikka and Chargha house delivers quality and taste, both at a low cost. 

Their mutton karahi is quite popular and paired with their delicious naan and BBQ, you will surely have a great time. 

Location: F/8-2 Bismillah Tikka and Chargha 

Contact Number: (051) 2280302

2. Butt Karahi

Known for its signature Karahi, Butt Karahi has created a name for itself for great quality food which is always consistent in taste. 

The 4.1-star restaurant serves both mutton and chicken karahi, both being very popular and loved by foodies in the capital. 

Location: F/8 Markaz Butt Karahi

Contact Number: 0335 0929999 

3. Khyber Shinwari

Considered one of the spots for the best mutton karahi in Islamabad, Khyber Shinwari is a treat for meat lovers. 

With a 4.3 stars rating on Google, the place offers a great Shinwari taste and its lamb dishes are also worth trying. 

Location: G-9/4, Khyber Shinwari

Contact Number: 0302 5577337

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4. Purana Shinwari Restaurant

With a 4.3 star rating on Google, the Purana Shinwari restaurant offers the authentic taste of Shinwari in Islamabad. 

Their mutton and lamb dishes are very popular and it’s a low-key place to enjoy great food. 

Location: G/9-4, Purana Shinwari

Contact Number: (051) 2250444

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5. Shiraz Restaurant 

A 4.3-star fine dining restaurant located in the calm venue of Gulberg Greens, Shirazi is a great place for delicious Pakistani food. 

Location: Gulberg Green, Shiraz Restaurant

Contact Number: 0310 4741111

6. Sufi Shinwari 

Sufi Shinari is a small restaurant popular for its karahi, lamb dishes, breakfast items, and BBQ.

The 4.3-star restaurant offers great taste and value for money. 

Location: F/8 Markaz, Sufi Shinwari

Contact Number: (051) 2255599

A Pocket-Friendly Meal Awaits You! 

In this article, we explored 6 places that offer the best mutton karahi at reasonable prices. These places are great for a hefty meal that serves a lot of people. 

Do let us know if you visit any of the above places, and if you have any other recommendations we can add to our list. 



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