Pharmaceutical Companies in Islamabad – Registered with the DRAP

Pharmaceutical Companies in Islamabad

There are over 30 Pharmaceutical Companies in Islamabad registered with the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan.

That indicates the range of opportunities for students, researchers, teachers, and businesses in this area. 

So if you are an aspiring pharmacist or someone exploring the field just for interest, we have compiled a list of 12 major Pharmaceutical Companies in Islamabad for you with all the necessary details.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Islamabad

Here are 12 major Pharmaceutical Companies in Islamabad that are registered with the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan.

We have added the background, product, and contact details of each so you can get a better overview of each company. 

#Pharmaceutical Companies in IslamabadAddress
1Biolabs (Pvt) LtdKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle
2Paramount PharmaceuticalsKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle 
3Global PharmaceuticalsKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle
4Amson Vaccines & Pharma (Pvt) LtdKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle
5Davis Pharmaceutical LaboratoriesKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle
6Pearl PharmaceuticalsI-10/3, Industrial Area
7Innvotek PharmaceuticalsKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle
8Valor PharmaceuticalsKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle
9Vision PharmaceuticalsKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle
10Medi-Excel PharmaceuticalsKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle
11Hygeia PharmaceuticalsKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle
12Attabak Pharmaceutical IndustriesI-10/3, Industrial Area

Below we will go through all the pharmaceutical companies in Islamabad in detail. 

1. Biolabs (Pvt) Ltd

Biolabs (Pvt) Ltd

Bio-Labs is a healthcare company that specializes in manufacturing high-end pharmaceutical products with high standards of quality control. 

They manufacture medicines for both humans and animals. 

In 2021, Bio-Labs won “The Leading Pharmaceutical Exporter Award” at the 1st Pharma Export Summit and Awards (PESA). 

AddressKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle, Islamabad

2. Paramount Pharmaceuticals

Paramount Pharmaceuticals

Working since 1994, Paramount Pharmaceuticals specializes in pain and infection management through quality prescription medication. 

The company conducts research and development, along with sales and marketing of branded and generic prescription pharmaceuticals. 

AddressKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle, Islamabad

3. Global Pharmaceuticals

Global Pharmaceuticals

Established in August 1995, Global Pharmaceuticals deal with manufacturing, marketing, importing, and exporting medications

Initially, finished products were imported from Malaysia and Korea; today, they export medications to Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Vietnam. 

AddressKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle, Islamabad

 4. Amson Vaccines & Pharma (Pvt) Ltd.

Amson Vaccines & Pharma (Pvt) Ltd.

AMSON is Pakistan’s first private-sector vaccine manufacturer. It started working in 1995 and presently manufactures vaccines against Tetanus, Hepatitis B, and Typhoid.

They develop syringes, medicines, and vaccines and observe quality assurance and environmental safety guidelines. They are certified by the TUV Austria, WHO, SGS, and ISO. 

AddressKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle, Islamabad

5. Davis Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Davis Pharmaceutical Laboratories

In October 1997, Davis Pharmaceutical Laboratories was founded in Islamabad. 

The company caters to local and export orders and has a large dedicated manufacturing facility with the latest technology and machines following GMP and WHO guidelines.

Davis Pharmaceutical Laboratories manufactures more than 100 therapeutic and generic medicines. They produce gels, tablets, ointments, inhalers, syrups, and dry suspensions.

Most of their products hold a prominent position in therapeutics worldwide. 

AddressKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle Area, Islamabad

6. Pearl Pharmaceuticals

Pearl Pharmaceuticals

Pearl Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturing & marketing company in Pakistan specializing in the development of Pharmaceutical Products.

Pearl Pharmaceuticals excels in the production of tablets, liquid syrups, suspensions, capsules, dry powder, injectables, creams, ointments, gels, lotions, etc.

AddressI-10/3, Industrial Area, Islamabad

7. Innvotek Pharmaceuticals

Innvotek Pharmaceuticals

Innvotek Pharmaceuticals Islamabad is renowned in Ophthalmology. Innvotek is involved in the development, production, marketing, and distribution of high-quality and affordable medicines. 

They offer more than 50 products in the form of capsules, tablets, eye drops, creams, and ointments. They are currently working on expanding operations and widening their huge and versatile portfolio. 

AddressKahuta Road, Industrial Estate Triangle, Islamabad

8. Valor Pharmaceuticals

Valor Pharmaceuticals

Valor Pharmaceutical is the project of Al-Hameed, working since 1979. Valor Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan that produces effective and affordable products. 

The company manufactures Analgesic supplements, Antidiabetic, Cardiac, Antihistamines, and various other drugs. 

AddressKahuta Triangle Zone, Industrial Area, Islamabad

9. Vision Pharmaceuticals

Vision Pharmaceuticals

Vision Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest growing companies nationwide in the Pharmaceutical industry.

They are a team of dedicated professionals for adding exceptional value through the manufacturing of high-quality medical products and services for the benefit of human health.

They produce injections, tablets, dry suspensions, sachets, IV infusions, capsules, etc. 

AddressIndustrial Triangle, Kahuta Road, Islamabad

 10. Medi-Excel Pharmaceuticals

Medi-Excel Pharmaceuticals

MediExcel Pharmaceuticals started off in 2003 in Islamabad. The company currently supplies veterinary medicines & nutritional products in livestock & poultry sectors nationwide. 

They follow cGMP guidelines & have acquired ISO certifications for producing optimal pharmacological results & safety.

They manufacture oral powders, oral liquids, vaccines, injections, etc. 

AddressKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle, Islamabad

11. Hygeia Pharmaceuticals

Hygeia Pharmaceuticals

Hygeia Pharmaceuticals is one of the high-tech Pharmaceutical plants in Pakistan. It started its operations in 2003. The Plant is located in the industrial area of Kahuta Triangle Islamabad.

They manufacture tablets, dry suspensions, ampules, eye and ear drops, infusions, creams, and ointments, etc. 

AddressKahuta Road, Industrial Triangle, Islamabad.

12. Attabak Pharmaceutical Industries

Attabak Pharmaceutical Industries

Established in 1999, Attabak Pharmaceutical Industries are committed and determined to follow ethical standards and offer value-added benefits to customers.

The company manufactures drugs in various forms like powders, injections, oral liquids, etc., while following USP, WHO, EUP, and cGMP’s standards.

AddressI-10/3, Industrial Area, Islamabad

Final Words

In this article, we explored 12 Pharmaceutical Companies in Islamabad with their contact, products, and certifications. 

All of the above companies are registered with the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan, so you can check out their list for more information. 

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