Ramazan Food Street in Rawalpindi – 7 Yummy & Pocket-Friendly Meals

Ramazan Food Street in Rawalpindi

Ramadan is here, and so are our cravings for great food. 

From nihari to puri and from jalebi to anday wala burger, we can not stop thinking about food. 

If you are a foodie, we have a list of the best street food in Rawalpindi that will make your sehr and iftar extra special. 

List of Street Foods to try in Rawalpindi 

Here are some popular street foods in Rawalpindi to try this Ramadan. 

  • The Gratto Jalebi
  • Mamoo Burger
  • Kala Khan Nihari
  • Dilbar Hotel 
  • Aziz Kabab
  • Majeed Nihari
  • Refreshment Center

Now let’s explore each venue one by one to see which street food you should try out next.

1. The Gratto Jalebi – Crispy & Sweet

To satisfy your sweet tooth, try Gratto Jalibi! The sweet and crispy jalebi is famous around Rawalpindi, and the long lines of people prove that! 

Location: Gratto Jalebi, Murree Road. 

2. Mamoo Burger – Burger Aur Fries 

If you leave pindi without tasting Mamoo Burger, you will forever regret it! The place serves aanda shami burgers, along with chicken and beef burgers.

Add cheese and fries, and the entire experience goes to another level. Their crispy bun, tasty shami, and juicy egg filling are superb!

Location: Mamoo Burger, Chandni, chowk.

3. Kala Khan Nihari

Located in the famous Kartarpura food street in Rawalpindi, Kala Khan is famous for its mouthwatering nihari. 

The place runs out of nihari within hours, and the long Ramadan queues imply that you must come early to grab a bite there. 

Location: Kartarpura Rawapindi.

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4. Dilbar Hotel – Kashmiri Cuisine 

The restaurant is as old as Pakistan and has been visited by Liaqat Ali Khan, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and many other famous personalities.

The Kashmiri cuisine offers dishes like Gushtaba cooked in yogurt, abb gosht cooked in milk, Hareesa, mutton kofta, kebabs, and many other dishes that are to be tried once in your lifetime. 

Location: Dilbar Hotel, near Laal Haveli, Rawalpindi.

5. Babu Mohalla – Aziz Kabab

This place is for you if you want to eat something spicy and meaty. The Seekh kebabs at this place are firstly barbequed and then fried. 

Imagine the flavors the food packs! 

Their mutton tikka is also very popular. Served with light gravy and chilies, their kababs are the right mix of spices, and the seekh kabab taste is very close to chapli kababs from KPK! 

Location: Aziz Mutton Tikka & Kabab Shop, Saddar. 

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6. Majeed Nihari – Alaa Nihari 

If you are a nihari fan, Majeed should be on your bucket list. The soft and tender beef melts in your mouth, and the gravy with chilies and spices makes for a great combo. 

Served with fresh naan, pair it with a drink, and you are in for a treat. 

Location: Majeed Nihari

7. Refreshment Center – Halwa Puri & More 

For a heavy sehri or iftar, come visit the Refreshment Center in Commercial Market. 

The place offers popular items like lassi, nihari, halwa puri, channa, and much more. The place is great for families and is located at a busy location.

Location: Refreshment center, Commercial Market, Rawalpindi. 

Sasta Iftar or Alaa Taste Only in Rawalpindi! 

So here were some of our picks of street food iftar in Rawalpindi. These places are economical and live up to the hype. 

Check out our the Complete Guide to Food Street Rawalpindi for more places to eat this Ramadan. 

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