Satisfy Your Appetite with the Best Restaurants in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Restaurants in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi is a vibrant city with a rich history. It is safe to assume that Rawalpindi has a very diverse and rich cuisine culture. Along with numerous tourist attractions and a variety of intriguing places to explore, Rawalpindi’s cuisine is undoubtedly vibrant.

Bahria Town is one of the most well-known neighborhoods in Rawalpindi. The city has undoubtedly grown and changed over time to become a modern city. Most of the eateries are located in Bahria Town Phase 4 and Phase 7. In this article, we have gathered a list of 12 best restaurants in Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

Restaurants in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

We have a solution for your food indecisiveness. If you are a resident of Bahria Town Rawalpindi or live nearby, below is the list of the best restaurants that will surely meet your appetite.

#Restaurant in Bahria Town RawalpindiContact NumberLocation
1Ox & Grill Continental Restaurant(051) 5734114Bahria Town Phase 6
2Wildmen Restaurant 0300 8552989Bahria Town Phase 4
3Kallisto Restaurant0332 6252222Bahria Town Phase 7
4Asian Wok(051) 8840180Bahria Town Phase 7
5Tuscany Courtyard(051) 8445544Bahria Town Intellectual Village
6Trieste0316 5201865Sector F, DHA Phase 1
7Chicago Grill0333 5461175Civic Centre, Bahria Town
8Houston Steakhouse0316 5339133Bahria Town Phase 4
9BBQ Bazar(051) 2711442Bahria Town Phase 4
10MeiKong(051) 5708293Bahria Town Phase 4
11Roasters Coffee House & Grill(051) 2728010Bahria Town Phase 7
12Mindanos(051) 8444450Bahria Town Phase 7

Ox & Grill Continental Restaurant

Ox & Grill is a steak house that just gets it right. The delicious and mouthwatering cuisines will meet your hunger pangs. Everything is done to perfection, from the decor and ambiance to the delicious Continental, Italian, Mexican, and Chinese cuisines.

CuisineContact NumberTimingsLocation
Continental, Italian, Mexican, & Chinese(051) 573411412:00 pm – 12:30 amBahria Town Phase 6

Wildmen Restaurant

Wildmen is a high-end restaurant that offers quick meals, breakfast items, soups, snacks, desserts, Pakistani and continental cuisines, as well as a few special hot and cold beverages. Your dining experience at this restaurant will be pleasant based on the delicious food, wonderful atmosphere, and kind staff. This location is ideal for commemorating significant life events, hosting parties, birthday celebrations, corporate gatherings, meetings, or lunches.

CuisineContact NumberTimingsLocation
American, Italian, & Chinese0300 855298912:00 pm – 12:00 amBahria Town Phase 4

Kallisto Restaurant

Kallisto is a multi-level restaurant with the best view in Bahria Town. It is a lovely place with an amazing view, multiple dining areas both indoors and outdoors and fine food. The restaurant is well decorated and aesthetically designed. Food is impressive both in terms of quality and quantity.

CuisineContact NumberTimingsLocation
Barbecue, Middle Eastern, & Pakistani0332 625222212:30 pm – 12:00 amBahria Town Phase 7

Asian Wok

Asian Wok restaurant charms both locals and visitors by serving the best of Chinese, Thai, and Japanese cuisine. The authentic, delicious, and artistically presented recipes have greatly contributed to it becoming one of Rawalpindi’s most well-liked restaurants. The restaurant has a very upscale and relaxing atmosphere.

CuisineContact NumberTimingsLocation
Japanese, Chinese, & Thai(051) 884018012:00 pm – 12:30 amBahria Town Phase 7

Tuscany Courtyard

Tuscany Courtyard is one of the top eateries serving Italian food. This restaurant, which serves delectable Italian cuisine and has a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere, is a must-try for anybody visiting Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

CuisineContact NumberTimingsLocation
American & British(051) 844554412:00 pm – 11:30 pmBahria Town Intellectual Village


Trieste is a classy, high-caliber restaurant where food and flavor combine in a modern, contemporary setting. With its extensive, diverse gourmet menu and inviting atmosphere, this restaurant will take you to Italy and deep into its past.

CuisineContact NumberTimingsLocation
Italian0316 520186512:00 pm – 12:00 amSector F, DHA Phase 1

Chicago Grill

Chicago Grill is a fine-dining restaurant that specializes in steaks. Bull Steakhouse is another fantastic location to have a satisfying and delectable steak. It is well known for its enormous steaks, crunchy nachos, and delectable mashed potatoes. Try their steaks if you want to fill your belly with some meaty pleasure. 

CuisineContact NumberTimingsLocation
Italian & Mexican0333 546117512:00 pm – 1:00 amCivic Centre, Bahria Town

Houston Steakhouse 

If you’re looking for a restaurant that serves only the best cuts of steak, give Houston Steakhouse a try. The restaurant’s aesthetic has a very American, plain, and fair feel to it. They offer an indoor and outside yard where you can sit and enjoy the fresh air while enjoying a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

CuisineContact NumberTimingsLocation
Italian & Mexican0316 533913312:00 pm – 12:00 amBahria Town Phase 4

BBQ Bazar

One of the best bbq restaurants in Bahria Town is gradually becoming known as BBQ Bazar . Everyone is drawn in by the vibe there. They serve wonderful BBQ foods on skewers, which is how they serve their cuisine. The presentation of prawns, kebabs, and tikkas on vertical skewers is noteworthy.

CuisineContact NumberTimingsLocation
Pakistani(051) 27114421:00 pm – 1:00 amBahria Town Phase 4


With a lifetime of flavors and scents, the Mei Kong restaurant utterly mesmerizes its customers. The restaurant serves genuine European, Chinese, and Pakistani cuisine. Mei Kong ensures that a warm, relaxing ambience is established for all meetings, whether they are family reunions, lunch dates, or friend reunions. 

CuisineContact NumberTimingsLocation
Chinese, European, & Pakistani(051) 57082934:00 pm – 12:00 amBahria Town Phase 4

Roasters Coffee House & Grill

At Roasters Coffee House & Grill, you can experience culinary perfection in an exquisite environment. The cafe is famous for traditional American style breakfast items. They serve breakfast on a daily basis along with a delectable lunch and dinner. 

CuisineContact NumberTimingsLocation
American(051) 272801012:30 pm – 12:00 amBahria Town Phase 7


Mindanos unites the delicacies of the entire world under one roof with a menu that has been painstakingly designed. In addition to offering delectable food, this restaurant offers a soothing atmosphere due to its opulent design.

CuisineContact NumberTimingsLocation
Thai, Italian, & Chinese(051) 844445012:00 pm – 12:00 amBahria Town Phase 7

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