Squid Game Season 2 Has Been Announced by Netflix

Squid Game Season 2 Has Been Announced by Netflix

On Sunday Netflix gave amazing news to all the Squid Game fans, that there will be another season for the dark Korean hit drama. Along with this, Netflix also gave a few hints to the fans about what to expect in the coming season. Squid Game became one of the most-watched series on Netflix in September 2021, when it was released. The show follows cash-strapped competitors as they play childhood games in the hopes of winning life-changing sums of money. It spawned a variety of memes and Halloween costumes, as well as a surge in green tracksuit sales.

Few details about season 2 are spilled by the writer and director “Hwang Dong Hyuke” as they mentioned in the letters shared by Netflix:

  • He mentioned that Gi-hun and The Front Man will return, as well as “the man in the suit with ddakji.”
  • He continued by saying that the audience will meet Young-hee’s boyfriend in this season.
  • One of the games features Young-hee, a motion-sensing robotic doll.

Although, Netflix has not disclosed the release date of the new season. All the fans are eagerly waiting for all the new thrills they will experience this season. People have high expectations for this season. 

Let the Games Begin!

Fans are eagerly waiting for the new season to begin and they have very high expectations for the upcoming season. Do you think the writer and director will do the justice with the second season as well? Let us know in the comments below!

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