Best Street Food in Sargodha – Recommended by Food Bloggers

Street Food in Sargodha

Sargodha is known for its vast orange fields, air bases, and rich culture, but apart from that, its street food is also equally popular. 

From spicy chaat at Sarwar Dahi Bhalay shop to mouth-watering Karahi at Mehman Saraye, a foodie would love to try it all!

If you are visiting Sargodha and are looking for places to try street food, here are our 7 best picks of street food in Sargodha. 

Street Food in Sargodha

Below are popular street food options in Sargodha and restaurants where you can find them. 

We have listed places based on reviews from popular food bloggers like Rana Hamza Saif, Mian Vlogs, and Saqib Mobeen

#Street Food in SargodhaRestaurants 
1Mutton KarahiMehman Saraye
2Halwa PuriMauti Chor Bakery
3LassiMahr Chacho Lassi House
4DaalJhaal Chakian Daal
5White Chicken Handi Zam Zam Restaurant
6Chanp and Keema Tufail Chanp Walee
7Gol Gappay & Samosa ChaatSarwar Dahi Bhalay

Now let’s explore each street food to see which one you should try out first. 

1. Mutton Karahi – Mehman Saraye

Mutton Karahi - Mehman Saraye

The restaurant is one of the most famous spots in Sargodha for its chanp, tikka, and mutton karahi. 

The kalmi tikka is super moist, creamy, and juicy. The mutton chanp is very moist and savory, while the mutton karahi is on another level. 

The meat is super tender, juicy, and packed with flavor. You will find it hard to stop your hands from taking the next bite. 

Location: Mianwali Road, Sargodha

Timings: 24 hours

2. Halwa Puri – Mauti Chor Bakery 

Halwa Puri - Mauti Chor Bakery 

At Mauti Chor bakery, the puri is served hot with channa, allo bhujya, halwa, raita, achar, and salad.  The halwa and puri are incredibly delicious and worth a try. 

Address: Block 6, Kachari Bazar Rd, Sargodha

Timings: Halwa puri is served in the morning and afternoon

3. Lassi – Mahr Chacho Lassi House

Lassi - Mahr Chacho Lassi House

The shop dates back 2 generations and is known in Sargodha for its classic lassi unlike any other. 

The lassi has a thick and creamy consistency and malai on top. Once you take a sip, you will remember every gulp of this delicious beverage. 


  • Urdu Bazar, Saghoda
  • University Road, Saghoda


  • 6 am to 12am

4. Daal – Jhaal Chakian Daal 

Daal - Jhaal Chakian Daal 

Creamy daal, served with hot roti and achar, is all you need after a long day of travel. The daal at Jhaal Chakian is famous across Sargodha. It is served with taree and spices on top and is super creamy!

It has a thick consistency making it super savory! 

Location: Ghani Park, Lahore Road,  Sargodha

Timings: 10 am to 11 pm

5. Zam Zam – White Chicken Handi

Zam Zam - White Chicken Handi

The handi at the Zam Zam restaurant is super creamy, thick, and super juicy. The creamy sauce is thick and flavorful, making it hard to stop eating. 

Served with hot naan and a drink, the entire meal becomes a great memory. There is a family hall available as well.  

Address: Awan Colony, Katchery Road, Sargodha

Timings: 12 pm to 12 am

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6. Chanp and Keema – Tufail Chanp Walee 

Chanp and Keema - Tufail Chanp Walee 

The restaurant is popular for its juicy champ and savory keema. 

The Chanp is served with naan and raita, and it’s super soft and juicy. It comes right off as you take a bite and is very well-marinated. 

The keema is also very flavourful and a great meal to pair with the chanp.

Location: Faisal Bazar, Block 12, Sargodha

Timings: 11 am to 12 am

7. Gol Gappay & Samosa Chaat – Sarwar Dahi Bhalay

Gol Gappay & Samosa Chaat - Sarwar Dahi Bhalay

If you are craving spicy and tangy street food, try the Sarwar Dahi Bhalay shop in Sargodha. The owner started off 20 years ago from a stall and now owns the Sarwar Dahi Bhalay shop. 

Their samosa chat is loaded with sauces, species, and even fruits on top. The gol gappay are filled with chickpeas, potatoes, tamarind sauce, and spices. 

The gol gappay are quite filling, and the samosa chaat has a mixed sweet and spicy taste which is very unique. 

Location: Gol Chowk, Jamia Masjid Ashrafia, Block 3, Sargodha

Timings: 9 am to 11 pm

Street Food in Sargodha Awaits You! 

So here are our picks of the 7 places offering the best Street Food in Sargodha. From creamy lassi to juicy chanp and from gol gappay to mutton karahi, you will find all kinds of great street food in the city. 

Let us know in the comments if you have any street food suggestions for us, and check out more food guides like this one on the site. 

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