7 Yummy Street Foods you must try in Gujranwala

Street Food Gujranwala

The streets of Gujranwala are like a paradise for foodies. Every 100 meters, you come across a different vendor, a different stall, and a secret aroma that takes your breath away. 

Are you looking for places where to eat the best street food in Gujranwala? This article of ours might help you with that. A list of some popular street foods in Gujranwala, along with the establishments that offer them, is compiled here. Read on to learn.

Street Food in Gujranwala

Hers is a list of the best Street Foods in Gujranwala. On your visit to the city, be sure not to miss them:

#Street Food in GujranwalaRestaurants
1PakorayButt Pakora
2KarahiShinwari Restaurant
3Dahi BhallayRasheed Dahi Bhallay
4Sri PayeeHaji Abdul Ghani Amritsari Siri Paye
5ChiraShahbaz Tikka
6BateraShahbaz Tikka
7LassiAl Madina Lassi Champion

Pakora – Butt Pakora


A favorite among fans of street food, pakoras from Gujranwala, will stay in your memory for a very long time. It is a tasty and reasonably priced dish that you can try as an evening snack. It really goes well with a hot mug of tea or coffee.

So, if you get hungry while on a city tour, you can stop by this snack stall in Gujranwala’s streets and indulge in the mouthwatering treat.

Location: Sector X Peoples Colony

Timings: 10 am to 4 pm

Karahi – Shinwari Restaurant


Karahi is another famous dish on our list of the best street food in Gujranwala. Famed for its odour and flavors, the slow-cooked gravy with meat pieces at Shinwari Restaurant will amaze you as you begin to savor it.

From mutton to chicken to even fish, there are many karahi options for you to try. Chicken makhni karahi, mutton karahi, and Hara Masala Mutton Karahi are a must-try.

Location: Muhammadpura, Gujranwala

Timings:12 pm to 1 am

Dahi Bhallay – Rasheed Dahi Bhallay

Dahi Bhallay

In Gujranwala, the Dahi Bhalla Chaat by Rasheed Dahi Bhallay is also a highly well-liked treat. Every age group appreciates and enjoys it.

The snack includes some of the softest lentil fritters and is covered in a thick yogurt sauce. It is further topped with sweet and sour chutneys and some vegetables.

Location: Sector X Peoples Colony, Gujranwala

Timings: 12 am to 12 pm, 1 pm to 12 am

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Sri Payee – Haji Abdul Ghani Amritsari Siri Paye

Sri Payee

Surprised by the name? You will be absolutely amazed by its taste as well as it will enhance your taste palate with the bestest of flavors.

The best part is that you can enjoy this dish at any time of the day; try it at breakfast or have a bite at lunch or dinner. The dish’s major ingredients are cow, goat, water buffalo, lamb trotters, or hooves cooked with various spices. All in all, if you visit Gujranwala and try this, you will remember the flavor for a long time.

Location: S.No: 3, Abadi Mir Muzaffar 


  • 6 am to 10:55 pm (everyday except Friday)
  • 7 am to 10:55 pm (Friday)

Chira – Shahbaz Tikka


The Chiras, which have long ruled Gujranwala’s streets, are a very sacred food to the city and unquestionably the best street food item. Your trip to the city won’t be complete without trying this mouthwatering specialty.

As the name suggests, the dish is prepared with Chiras, the small birds. Moreover, it is available in both Bar B Q and Karahi varieties. Other than this, tandoori naan usually pairs best with it. 

Location: Chan Da Qila, GT Rd

Timings: 11 am to 1:30 am

Batera (Quail) – Shahbaz Tikka


In Gujranwala, this dish is also exceptionally popular. It tastes the best and is affordable as well. Although slightly larger in size than Chiras, bateras have a similar flavor and are prepared in the same manner. People from all over the city come and try it. 

Location: Chan Da Qila, GT Rd

Timings: 11 am to 1:30 am

Lassi – Al Madina Lassi Champion


To summarise all the spicy and hot meals of Pakistani cuisine, this cool drink is the ultimate flavor enhancer. Lassi is essentially a curd shake that is occasionally frozen in clay cups and thickened with milk films (malaai). Have a good glass of chilled Lassi and revive all of your taste senses. It’s one of the best street food to try in Gujranwala. 

Location: Sector X Peoples Colony

Timings: 7 am to 11 pm


Gujranwala is widely popular for its diverse variety of scrumptious street foods and other culinary delights. 

From creamy dahi bhalla chaat to drool-worthy chicken karahi to cold heavy lassi, there are lots of options for you.

So, if you are someone who enjoys trying different cuisines, brace yourself for an incredible dining experience. The street food in Gujranwala is ready to please your taste buds.

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