10 Things to Do in Islamabad in 2023 – All You Need to Know

Things to do in Islamabad

Islamabad is one of the most well-maintained and naturally gifted cities in Pakistan. The city is filled with multiple fun places for entertainment, food, sightseeing, etc.

If you are visiting the city and want to know about things to do in Islamabad, here is our list to help you out.

List of Things to Do in Islamabad

Below are the top 10 things to do in Islamabad. Our list includes popular activities and venues.

  • Hiking at Margalla Hills
  • Boating at Lake View Park
  • Sightseeing and Long Walks
  • Visit Museums, an Old Mandir, or a Cave
  • Pray at the Beautiful Faisal Mosque
  • Bowling, Swimming, and Horse Riding
  • Enjoy Bike Rides
  • Shopping
  • Watching a Movie or a Play
  • Dining at the best places

Now let’s explore each activity one by one.

1. Hiking at Margalla Hills

Hiking trails are one of the best places to visit in Islamabad. There are 8 trails in total, and each is different based on how adventurous you might be.

Trails 5 and 3 are the most popular ones, where Trail 5 is the easiest one and ideal for families.

Popular Trails:

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2. Boating at Lake View Park & Enjoying the Waterfall

Enjoy boating at the beautiful Rawal Lake, or hike up to the Bruti top at Maraglla Hills, which is one of the major Islamabad attractions.

You can choose to boat alone in the cycle boat, try jet skiing, or book a boat for the whole family. Below are the locations for both venues.

3. Sightseeing and Long Walks

Sightseeing is one of the best things to do in Islamabad, and daman-e-Koh is a great option as it offers views of the entire city.

Lake View Park is another great option for long walks. At the park, you can grab some “Anday wala burger” and relax at the sight of the calm lake.

You can visit the Rose & Jasmine Garden to watch the beautiful flower exhibition every spring.

You can also take long walks in the breathtaking f9 park (the park covers the whole f9 sector) or visit the Japanese park with kids and enjoy rides.

Popular Places:

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4. Visiting Museums, an Old Mandir, or a Cave

Want to go back in time? Visit the Golra Railway Museum and see the old railway station turned tourist attraction.

You can also visit the Pakistan Museum of Natural History, near the Pakistan Monument, to see historic relics of Pakistan’s past.

The Pakistan Monument near the Museum offers a stunning view of the city, and the structure of the place, with carvings of Jinnah and other national heroes, brings back patriotic feelings.

Lastly, the Shah Allah Ditta Caves is a must-visit if you love to explore unexplored places, along with the Mandir at Saidpur village, dating back to the time of partition.

Popular Places:

5. Praying at the Beautiful Faisal Mosque

The 3rd largest mosque in the world, the Faisal Mosque is a spectacle of beauty and serenity. This place gives you so much peace, and praying at the venue is a whole vibe altogether.

It is certainly the best place to visit in Islamabad.

Multiple religious lectures take place here, and there is a trail nearby (trail 6), which you can explore as well.

6. Bowling, Swimming, and Horse Riding!

When you visit Islamabad, you can enjoy bowling or take a dive at a clean and well-maintained swimming pool in Islamabad.

Another thing you can consider is riding a horse or a camel at Lake View Park.

Popular Places:

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7. Bike Ride – EzBike and F1 Tracks

Ride electric bikes that require no license, or take your whole family to the F1 Tracks at Lake View Park and ride bikes with kids and adults. The F1 tracks have a designated area, so they are safe for kids.

Ezbike can be booked through the Ezbike app (Ezbike is limited to certain sectors).

8. Shopping

You don’t want to leave Islamabad without shopping, right? Consider going to Centaurus, which has 4 floors with multiple brands, restaurants, a cinema, and a kid’s play area with Rides (Fun City).

You can also visit the Safa Gold Mall if a huge crowd terrifies you (it’s much smaller than Centaurus).

The Giga Mall is another great venue for shopping, eating, and movie time!

Popular Places:

9. Watching a Movie or a Play

Watch a movie to relax after a hard day, or visit PNCA to watch a play with live actors delivering great performances.

The PNCA hosts multiple plays throughout the year. Check out PNCA on Facebook to see available plays.

Popular Places:

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10. Dining at the Best Places

Islamabad speaks class, and there are multiple restaurants that you can visit to enjoy fine dining at its best.

Visit Monal at Margalla Hills to enjoy great food paired with spectacular hill views. Monal is one of the best places to visit in Islamabad for couples, as it’s peaceful, relaxing, and family oriented. Even at night, it’s quite crowded.

Go to TKR if you want to enjoy rich greenery and rich Pakhtun food.

Or, visit small cafes like Dino Cafe near Margala Hills, Quetta Tea in F7 and I-8, or Karak in DHA (you will find small dhabas everywhere in the city).

Popular Places:

  1. Monal
  2. Des Pardes
  3. TKR
  4. BBQ Tonight

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The Beautiful Islamabad Awaits You!

So that was our list of 10 things to do in Islamabad. Do try these activities and let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

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