Top Turkish Restaurants in Karachi – Complete Menus

Turkish Restaurants in Karachi

The cuisine of Turkey is known for its savory and rich flavors. Turkish cuisine offers food that will leave you fantasizing and yearning for more, despite avoiding the extremes of spices. Your taste buds will immediately be drawn to the pleasantly sweet and very spicy combinations, and you’ll want to consume and delve more into this cuisine’s rich flavors.

8 Authentic Turkish Restaurants in Karachi

If you haven’t visited any of Karachi’s top Turkish restaurants, you’re losing out on a sensory-delighting experience. Turkish food offers a vast variety of flavors and textures that will transport your taste buds to the heart of Istanbul. Check out these top 8 Turkish restaurants in Karachi offering authentic flavors. 

Turkish Restaurants in KarachiContact NumberLocation
Zeytin0333 22234511PECHS
Ala Rahi0311 1875875Shahbaz Commercial, Phase VI
Real Taste – Istanbul Grill0344 5876182Carnival Area, Site no. 1, Bahria Town
TurkishDoner.Pk0300 0068836SMCHS
Turkish Naan Korner0333 1001910Malir
Lale-i Rumi(021) 35865747Park Road, Block 4 Clifton
Aromaish0333 1112334Gulberg Town
Siroc0315 2960838Block 4 Clifton


Zeytin is a great spot for those looking to experience Turkish cuisine in Karachi. The restaurant offers an authentic Turkish dining experience with traditional Turkish cuisine and a warm, inviting ambiance.

Contact Number: 0333 22234511

Location: PECHS, Karachi.

Ala Rahi

Al-Arahi is a popular and affordable option for those looking for a casual dining experience with a variety of cuisines, including Turkish cuisine. The restaurant also offers catering services. They have their special menus dedicated to catering which includes a Turkish menu as well. 

Contact Number: 0311 1875875

Location: Shahbaz Commercial, Phase VI, Karachi.

Real Taste – Istanbul Grill

Visit Istanbul Grill for the best Turkish cuisine in Bahria Town. The restaurant offers a combination of cuisines from Pakistan, Turkey, and Afghanistan. You can also celebrate your special occasions and get served flavorful Turkish cuisine. 

Contact Number: 0344 5876182

Locations: Carnival Area, Site no. 1, Bahria Town, Karachi.


TurkishDoner.Pk is a popular destination for those looking to experience authentic Turkish food in the city. The restaurant’s menu features a variety of Turkish dishes, with a particular focus on a doner kebab. Do try out the variety of shawarmas offered at this eatery.

Contact Number: 0300 0068836

Location: SMCHS, Karachi.

Turkish Naan Korner

Turkish Naan Korner offers the best experience of Turkish Naan & Stuffed Naans, which are prepared in a traditional way. These stuffed naans are crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and bursting with flavor. Turkish Pide on their menu is a must-try.

Contact Number: 0333 1001910

Location: Malir, Karachi.

Lale-i Rumi

Lale-i Rumi offers a complete Turkish experience that surrounds you, from the food to the music to the aesthetics. Visit Lale-i Rumi for a real Turkish food experience and enjoy the flavors of Turkey in Karachi.

Contact the restaurant for their detailed menu.

Contact Number: (021) 35865747

Location: Park Road, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi.


Aromaish is well-known for its signature dish, Pide, which has a variety of unusual flavor combinations and is symbolic of Turkish street food. The restaurant’s menu also features other Turkish favorites like Doner Kebabs, Lahmacun, and Turkish Coffee, in addition to Pide.

Contact Number: 0333 1112334

Location: Gulberg Town, Karachi.


Savor the authentic flavors of Turkish cuisine at Siroc. Although the menu items are over-priced, the restaurant serves flavorful dishes that leave you craving for more. Their Turkish desserts are a specialty and a must-try menu item. 

Contact the restaurant for their detailed Turkish menu.

Contact Number: 0315 2960838

Location: Block 4 Clifton, Karachi.

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