Suzuki Alto: Specs, Price, Reviews, & Variants in Pakistan

All you need to know about Suzuki alto in Pakistan

In this era, everyone has their own transport, and because everyone uses their own personal vehicle, they need a compact and reasonable car for their daily use. Suzuki is one of the oldest motor corporations; therefore, their cars are very reliable and efficient in working and driving. Suzuki cars are the best choice for you if you need a good personal vehicle at a pretty reasonable price.

Suzuki Alto: Specs, Price, Reviews, & Variants in Pakistan

Suzuki automobile company is a Japanese multinational corporation. They build various motorcycles, wheelchairs, outboard marine engines, and terrain vehicles. Moreover, they all build various internal and small combustion engines. The company was founded in October 1909. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the most trending cars of Suzuki, the Suzuki Alto. Moreover, we will also discuss different variants of the Suzuki alto that have amazing features, and you can easily buy them for your day-to-day use.

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki Alto is a very good car with long selling points as the car has a very good fuel economy and its price is also low as compared to the specification Suzuki gives to their customers. Suzuki Alto was first developed in 1979, and it has been running in business in different countries. The model is currently in its 8th generation.

In Pakistan, Suzuki Alto has different variants, such as Suzuki Alto VX, Suzuki Alto VXR, and Suzuki Alto VXL. Let’s discuss the specifications, prices, and reviews of these variants in Pakistan.

SpecificationsSuzuki Alto VXSuzuki Alto VXRSuzuki Alto VXL
Power WindowsNoNoYes
Power MirrorsNoNoYes
Power SteeringYesYesYes
Air ConditionerNoYesYes
Keyless entryYesYesYes
Powered Door LocksYesYesYes
Air BagsNoYesYes
Price in PKR2,034,0002,359,0002,651,000

Suzuki Alto VX

Suzuki Alto VX: Exterior
Suzuki Alto VX: Interior
Suzuki Alto VX: Seating Capacity

The Suzuki Alto VX gives a mileage of 16 to 18 kilometers per liter. The car is manual, which means it has three pedals; the Accelerator, The Break, and The Clutch. The driver has to press the clutch to manually change the gears while using the box of gears. Furthermore, at such a low price, you will get 658 cc.

The car has power steering with a minimum turning radius of 4.2 m. The fuel tank capacity of VX is 27 Liters. The car’s engine works on petrol, and the maximum speed of the Suzuki VX is 140 KM per hour. The wheel size is 13 inches. The length of the car is 3,395 mm, and the width of the Suzuki Alto VX is 1475mm. Whereas the height of the car is 1490mm. The seating capacity is 5 people. The wheel includes a center cap, and the wheel size is 13 inches

Additional features include keyless entry and central door locking. The car does not have power windows or AC. The car comes in various colors, such as Blue, Gray, Black, Red, Beige, Silver, and White.

  • The price of Suzuki Alto VX in Pakistan is PKR 2,034,000.

Suzuki Alto VXR

Suzuki Alto VXR: Exterior
Suzuki Alto VXR: Interior
Suzuki Alto VXR: Seating Capacity

The Suzuki Alto VXR gives a mileage of 16 to 18 Km per hour. Like Suzuki VX, the Suzuki VXR is also a manual car. The engine is also similar to the Suzuki VX, which is 658cc. Moreover, the VXR is an ex-factory, which does not include taxes, freight, or other documentation charges.

Additionally, the car’s overall length is 3395mm, the width is 1475mm, and the height is 1490mm. The car’s wheelbase is  2465mm and ground clearance is 170mm. Suzuki VXR has a seating capacity of 5 persons. The wheel includes a center cap and the size of the wheel is 13 inches

The car works on Petrol and has 3 cylinders, with a fuel tank capacity of 27 Liters. The speed is 140 KM per hour maximum. The steering wheel is powered with a minimum turning radius of 4.2 meters. Additional features include keyless entry, central door locking, and 2 airbags for your safety and Air conditioner. The Suzuki VX comes in Blue, Gray, Black, Red, Beige, Silver, and White colors. 

  • The cost of Suzuki Alto VXR in Pakistan is PKR 2,359,000.

Suzuki Alto VXL

Suzuki Alto VXL: Exterior
Suzuki Alto VXL: Interior
Suzuki Alto VXL: Seating Capacity

The Suzuki Alto VXL gives a mileage of 16 to 18 km per hour, the same as the other two variants of Suzuki. Unlike the Suzuki VX and VXR, the Suzuki VXL is an automatic car, so you don’t have to worry about switching gears again and again. The engine of all other variants and Suzuki VXL is 658cc

Suzuki VXL also saves you from documentation and other taxes and charges. The overall length of the Suzuki Alto VXL is 3395mm, with a width of 1475mm. The overall height of the car is 1490mm which is quite reasonable. The wheelbase is 2460mm with a ground clearance of 170mm. Like all other variants, it also has 5 person seating capacity. VXL also has retractable mirrors.

The engine works on Petrol, with a fuel tank capacity of 27 liters. The speed of the car is 140 km per hour maximum. The steering is electric power-assisted with a turning radius of 4.2m minimum. The wheel includes a steel wheel with steel caps, and the size of the wheel is 13 inches. 

Additional features of VXL that differ from other variants are ABS, an anti-lock brake system, Auto Gear Shift, and Air Conditioner. Airbags also because your safety matters a lot. Furthermore, it also has powered windows and powered mirrors for your ease. The colors available in VRL are Blue, Gray, Black, Red, Beige, Silver, and White colors. 

  • The price of Suzuki Alto VXL in Pakistan is PKR 2,651,000.

Suzuki Alto Consumer Reviews 

Things people admire about Suzuki alto :

The car’s cabin is very spacious; even the backside has plenty of space. The fuel average is really good even in local traveling. The Suzuki Alto VXI variant is packed with great features, one of which is efficient auto-gear. 

Suzuki Alto is loved for its Fuel Efficiency and Smooth Suspension. About the exterior, many consider it reasonable as the car is an economical option. 

Suzuki Alto Sales Statistics 

According to Mr. Hanif from Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd, in December 2021, Suzuki Alto 660cc received the highest-ever sales of 9,195 units. It reached 211pc year-on-year, and 280pc month-on-month. 

According to Ismail Iqbal Securities, Suzuki Alto sales doubled to 7,175 units in the first 8 months of FY 2021-22. The month-on-month sales grew by 86% during this period. 

Get, Set, Drive!

Go grab your Alto variant today and keep yourself safe from all the hassles of cabs and other means of public transportation. Make your life easy and start driving your own car. Let us know in the comments below about your experiences with Suzuki Alto variants.

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