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best bike in pakistan

Choosing the ideal bike for your needs might be difficult. If you’re looking for a motorcycle, you’ll find that there are numerous motorcycle brands to pick from. All of these motorbike brands will have advantages and disadvantages. Asking your motorbike pals for recommendations will most likely yield a long list of motorcycle brands. Let’s face it: all of the big motorbike brands have devoted followers. So, how do you choose the best motorbike brands for you? You should make certain that the motorcycle type and motorcycle brand you select fit you like a motorcycle glove.

Best Bikes in Pakistan

To help you on your selection of a motorcycle brand, we have listed the top three motorbike brands based on their performance, reliability, design, and power. All three brands along with the price of each model are listed below. You can also check out their official websites for detailed technical specifications. 

  • Honda
  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki

Honda Motorbikes

We begin our list with what is possibly one of the most inspiring motorcycle brands. Honda has developed from humble beginnings to become the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer. It has sold approximately 300 million motorcycles since its founding. Honda could be considered one of the top motorbike brands in the world, based on its sales volume and popularity. 

Honda MotorbikesPrice in Pakistan
CD70PKR 121,500
CD70 DreamPKR 129,900
PridorPKR 161,900
CG125PKR 185,900
CG125 SelfPKR 219,500
CB125FPKR 283,900
CB150FPKR 353,900

Yamaha Motorbikes

The second Japanese motorbike brand on our list is Yamaha. Yamaha motorcycles evolved from the world’s largest piano maker. Its origins may still be seen in the Yamaha logo, which features three crossed tuning forks. Yamaha is currently the world’s second largest motorbike manufacturer. Yamaha motorcycles may have the most fans of any motorcycle brand. Yamaha caters to all types of motorcyclists.

Yamaha MotorbikesPrice in Pakistan
YBR125PKR 322,500
YBR125GPKR 339,000
YB125Z DXPKR 314,500
YB125ZPKR 293,500

Suzuki Motorbikes

Suzuki, like Yamaha, did not begin as a motorcycle brand. Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation headquartered in Minami-Ku, Hamamatsu, Japan, since 1909, that specializes in the manufacture of automobiles, four-wheel-drive vehicles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), outboard marine engines, wheelchairs, and a variety of other small internal combustion engines.

Suzuki MotorbikesPrice in Pakistan
GD110SPKR 244,000
GS150PKR 266,000
GSX125PKR 359,000
GR150PKR 385,000

Suzuki GS150 vs Yamaha YB125Z vs Honda CG125

All three models from three distinct brands are the best family bikes in Pakistan.

SpecsSuzuki GS150Yamaha 125ZHonda CG125
Dry Weight116 KGs107 KGs99 KGs
SuspensionSoftVery SoftHard
Fuel Economy40 – 48 KM/L50 – 55 KM/L38 – 40 KM/L
MaintenanceExpensiveExpensiveMedium Cost
Parts AvailabilitySlightly ToughEasyVery Easy
Riding ComfortA GradeA++ GradeC Grade
Engine Vibrations+6000 RPMVery LowVery High
Road GripBestGoodPoor

Talking about their dry weight, Honda CG125 has a very less dry weight of 99 KG which makes it easy to handle compared to the other two. In terms of suspension, Suzuki GS150 gains the score for having an adjustable suspension for an a better comfort zone. In majority, the bikers have the edge to cross the traffic easily over cars. As the dimensions of the bikes are concerned, Honda CG125 takes the lead. A mid-length and slick bike is easy to dodge the traffic, riding in the market, or even on narrow roads. When it comes to fuel economy, YBZ is the efficient one delivering the best fuel economy when given appropriate accelerator. As Honda is the most popular and widely used bike in Pakistan, the increased number of reliable mechanics makes the maintenance much easier and with less cost. The availability of parts for Honda and Yamaha is easy and can be obtained from the showroom directly or from the market as well in less price compared to Suzuki. Because of the performance, seat and riding posture, weight, and engine capability makes the Yamaha 125Z among the best of them providing riding comfort. Yamaha, from start till end, you don’t get to feel the vibrations. Based on it’s length, weight, tire geometry, GS150 gives the best road grip and braking power. Always remember to maintain the tire pressure that is recommended by the company. For people with medical reasons, YBZ is best suited in terms of comfort.

Final Note

You’re one step closer to selecting your ideal two-wheeler now that the greatest motorbike manufacturers are mentioned here. There is a lot to select from, and each motorbike brand adds something special to the table. It could be style, design, function, dependability, or a mix of all of these factors, and ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what works best for you.

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