Changan’s New Mini Electric Car Coming to Pakistan?

changans new mini electric car coming to pakistan

The new mini electric car by Changan has caught everyone’s attention because of its beautiful and sleek outlook. Changan Lumin Corn electric vehicle has a very small stature and attractive look and many car lovers are waiting for its arrival in Pakistan. It is the same car that has crushed the records of Tesla electric cars because of its high sales. It has not been long enough since Changan launched its series of electric cars called Avatr. It has been possible because of the joint venture of Changan along with CATL and Huawei.

The Lumin Corn comes with two powerplant options: one that produces 41 horsepower (hp) and the other that produces 48 hp. The 41-hp model uses a Gotion Hightech Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) battery, whereas the 48-hp model uses a CATL LFP battery.

Lumin Corn EV directly competes with the currently best selling EV car that is SAIC’s Wuling Hongguang mini EV. Let’s compare both cars along with their features.

Changan Lumin Corn EV
Wuling Honguang Mini EV
PerformanceWuling Honguang Mini EVChangan Lumin Corn EV
Power in horsepower17.4 hpBase Variant: 41 hp

High-end Variant: 48 hp
Range in Kilometres9.2 kWh variant: 120 km

13.8 kWh variant: 170 km
Base Variant: 150 km

High-end Variant: 210 km

As we can see, the Wuling mini EV is below in terms of performance when compared to Lumin Corn EV. Since the Mini EV is lightweight and has weaker horsepower as compared to Lumin Corn EV. Furthermore, if we look at other specifications such as Power windows, climate control, an infotainment system, and other luxuries are included with the Lumin Corn. Whereas, ABS brakes, tyre pressure monitoring sensors, rear parking sensors, air conditioning, power windows, a sound system, and 12 storage compartments are all standard on the Mini EV.

When is it Coming to Pakistan?

Since people are claiming that it is soon going to be launched in Pakistan, which is not true because it has yet to be launched in China. The date of launch is not confirmed yet, but the car has to be sold in China first. Hence, the focus of Changan’s right now is to cover the Chinese Car market. However, there is hope that in the coming future you will be seeing the EV on the roads of Pakistan.

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