Top 8 Chinese Cars Making Waves in the Pakistani Market

Chinese cars in Pakistan

China is the world’s largest automobile market, selling and manufacturing more cars than any other country in the world. 

From daily-use sedans and hatchbacks to SUVs to luxury saloons, the country has dipped into every possible segment to become a leader in the industry. 

Today, we present to you a list of the eight most amazingly awesome Chinese cars that Pakistanis are utilizing the most these days. 

Chinese Cars in Pakistan

Listed below are some of the most popular Chinese cars that are being used in Pakistan the most right now:

  • MG HS
  • MG ZS
  • MG ZS EV
  • Changan Karavan
  • BAIC BJ40 plus 
  • BAIC Senova X25 
  • BAIC Senova D20
  • DFSK Glory 580 Pro 


With a combination of design, functionality, and affordability, this compact SUV MG HS has been well received in Pakistan. It is becoming one of the most popular Chinese automobiles in the country. The roomy cabin, remarkable safety features, and cutting-edge technology make it more popular among families and young professionals. Overall, it’s a wonderful SUV you want to love because it looks great and drives well.


PricePKR 81 lacs
Body Type Crossover SUV
Dimensions4574 x 1876 x 1664 mm
Boot space448 – 463 L
Displacement1500 cc
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 160 – 280 hp
Mileage10 – 20 KM/L


The price of MG HS in Pakistan is around PKR 81,00000.


The MG ZS is another popular Chinese compact SUV in Pakistan. The British automaker MG Motor made the vehicle sleek and futuristic look. They also made this car available in both petrol and electric versions, with the latter being an especially appealing alternative for ecologically conscious purchasers. In general, the electric version of the ZS has a range of over 400 kilometers on a single charge, which is among the best in its class.


PricePKR 43 lacs
Body Type Subcompact crossover SUV
Dimensions 4314 x 1809 x 1644 mm
Boot space359 L
Displacement1500 cc
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 113 hp
Mileage10 – 13 KM/L


In Pakistan, the cost of an MG ZS is PKR 43,00000.

MG ZS EV (Electronic Vehicle)

A highly popular electric vehicle, the MG ZS EV has also been well-received by Pakistani consumers. It has a large and modern interior, a range of up to 428 kilometers on a single charge, and amenities, including an 8-inch touchscreen display and various safety measures. Its accessibility and good performance have also helped it in turning into a popular option among electric car buyers all over the world.

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PricePKR 62 lacs
Body Type SUV
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 4574 x 1876 x 1664 mm
Boot space359 L
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 141 hp


The MG HS EV will cost around PKR 62,00000 in Pakistan.

Changan Karavan

The Changan Karavan is a renowned multi-purpose van used mostly for commercial reasons, such as transporting individuals and goods. It has a functional and large interior and comes in a variety of layouts to fit varied business needs. The best part is that it is low cost as well. So, both small and medium-sized businesses can opt for it.


PricePKR 27.5 – 30 lacs
Body Type Mini Van
Dimensions3980 x 1620 x 1890 mm
Boot space0L
Displacement1000 cc
Transmission Manual
Horse Power 68 hp
Mileage10 – 12 KM/L


The price of Changan Karavan in pakistan typically ranges between PKR 27.5 – 30 lacs.


This mid-size SUV has a robust and boxy appearance that sets it apart from other SUVs on the market. With features such as a touchscreen infotainment system, panoramic sunroof, and innovative safety features, it also offers users a comfortable and well-equipped interior. Consumers looking for an elegant and efficient SUV that offers good value for money usually opt for it.


PricePKR 99.0 lacs
Body Type Off-road SUV
Dimensions 4645 x 1925 x 1871 mm
Boot Space0L
Displacement2000 cc
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 215 hp
Mileage8-10 KM/L


BAIC BJ40 PLUS Price in Pakistan is around PKR 99.0 lacs.

BAIC Senova X25

It is a subcompact SUV manufactured by the Chinese manufacturer BAIC Motor. Famous for its sporty and stylish exterior, the X25 also comes with a range of features, such as a touchscreen infotainment system, a sunroof, and advanced safety features. In general, it is a popular choice among younger Pakistani consumers searching for a low-cost but dependable SUV.


PricePKR 40 – 50 lacs
Body Type Subcompact Crossover
Dimensions 4110 x 1750 x 1545 mm
Boot space0L
Displacement1499 cc
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 90 hp
Mileage12 – 14 KM/L

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In Pakistan, the BAIC Senova X25 price ranges between PKR 40 to 50 lacs.

BAIC Senova D20

This popular Chinese hatchback car has a spacious and well-equipped interior. It is renowned for being dependable and fuel-efficient, and like its competitors, it has a variety of features. Go for it if you want an economical and practical car that provides good value for money in Pakistan.


PricePKR 50 lacs
Body Type Subcompact sedan and hatchback
Dimensions 4040 x 1720 x 1503 mm
Boot space0L
Displacement1490 cc
Transmission Automatic
Horse Power 98 hp
Mileage11 – 13 KM/L


BAIC Senova D20 will cost you around PKR 50,00000 in pakistan

DFSK Glory 580 Pro 

Produced by Dongfeng Sokon (DFSK), the Glory 580 Pro is a mid-size Chinese SUV available in Pakistan. The vehicle has a sleek and appealing look and is available in both petrol and electric versions. The electric version of this vehicle usually has a range of up to 400 kilometers on a single charge. In Pakistan, you can buy this well-equipped and affordable SUV from a number of retailers.


PricePKR 64 – 67 lacs
Body Type Intelligent SUV
Dimensions 4680 x 1845 x 1715 mm
Boot space
Displacement1500 cc
Transmission Automatic (CVT)
Horse Power 148 HP @ 5600 RPM
Mileage8 – 12 KM/L


DFSK Glory 580 Pro cost generally ranges between PKR 64,00000 to 67,00000 in Pakistan


China is well-known throughout the world for producing everything from little toys to cutting-edge smartphones. They also manufacture some of the world’s largest and most famous automobiles. In this post, we looked at the eight most popular Chinese automobiles among Pakistanis. With remarkable specs, these high-tech gorgeous cars are an excellent choice for daily travel. So, happy traveling, everyone!

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