Documentary on Life of Young Pakistani Students Wins Second Prize in China

Documentary on Life of Young Pakistani Students Wins Second Prize in China

A documentary on the lives of two younger Pakistani students who spend the majority of their time in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, took second place out of over 65,000 documentaries.

Two young and talented Pakistani researchers from the Hangzhou Science and Technology Innovation Center, Zhejiang University, were the focus of the documentary made by Hangzhou Tradition, Radio and TV (HCRT).

Documentary on Life of Young Pakistani Students Wins Second Prize in China
Source: My China Story Official

Dr. Yousaf and Dr. Ali, who are located in Hangzhou, are committed to cutting-edge research on green power technologies and their application in the industry. Through their research skills in solar cells and batteries, they wish to resolve Pakistan’s power challenges.

Recent transfers of Dr. Yousaf and Dr. Ali from Peking College (QS Rating 18) to Zhejiang College (QS Rating 45). Each of them has prior experience working and conducting research at some of Pakistan’s top universities, including the College of Engineering and Technology Lahore, the College of the Punjab, and the College of Administration and Technology Lahore.

Each of them has a stellar history that includes distinction in sports as well as research. Through a partnership with the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing, they have also been hosting Pakistani youth in Beijing for the past few years.

They serve as the ideal role model for the younger generation of Pakistanis, who have emerged from remote communities to become the country’s brightest stars in the international community.

Speaking with APP, Dr. Ali informed them that by making aggressive research efforts, completing several research tasks, and publishing top-notch research articles in prestigious journals, they were portraying a favorable image of Pakistan in the Chinese community.

The documentary showcases the two younger documentarians’ careers and lives. Their practical knowledge of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province’s high-class development and traditional wealth demonstration from various perspectives is documented.

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