Choose your Electric Bike from the Top Brands in Pakistan


Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular among Pakistanis, thanks to companies such as Jolta, Jaguar, Vlektra, and others. We have highlighted here some of the reasons why electric motorcycles are the future of Pakistan. 

  • Save money
  • Fewer maintenance issues
  • Easy to operate 
  • Environment friendly
  • Quieter
  • Safer 

14 Best Electric Bikes in Pakistan

You’re probably wondering what the best electric motorcycles in Pakistan are. We will show you the best Pakistan electric bikes based on brand. 

  • Jolta
    • JE-70D (SE)
    • JE-70L (Basic)
    • JE-70L (Advance)
    • JE-100L
    • JE-125L
  • Jaguar
    • E-Heavy Bike
    • E-Scooter
    • E-125
    • E-70
  • VLektra
    • Retro 
    • Bolt
  • Neon
    • E-bike G2G M3
  • Sunra
    • Miku-Super
  • Road King
    • Electric 100 E


Jolta Electric Pvt. Ltd. is Pakistan’s first local EV company, with the goal of electrifying the whole country’s vehicle industry, and has been certified by the Pakistani government. 

It provides a variety of e-bikes with diverse specifications and features to meet the needs of a wide range of customers. The company’s top bike is the Jolta JE 125. Because many people used to ride Honda 125, the authorities of the Jolta’s company built the Jolta 125cc bike with advanced features, as a result of which its battery and other functions are advanced.

JE-70D (SE)
JE-70L (Basic)
JE-70L (Advance)
SpecificationsJE-70D (SE)JE-70L (Basic)JE-70L (Advance)JE-100LJE-125L
PricePKR 135,000PKR 179,000PKR 199,000PKR 219,000PKR 249,000
Top Speed55 km/h55 – 60 km/h55 – 60 km/h60 – 65 km/h70 – 75 km/h
Distance 80 km80 km90 km110 km110 km
Charging TimeOvernight2.5 hours2.5 hours2.5 hours2.5 hours
Battery TypeDry EV GelLithium Lithium Lithium Lithium 


Jaguar is both affordable and reliable. It has the best speed and the drive is pretty much quiet. Even though they are slightly more expensive than gasoline-powered bikes, they save us from future price increases in gasoline and diesel. The company is based in Sahiwal and has used the conventional design to manufacture its electric bike models. 

E-Heavy Bike
SpecificationsE-Heavy BikeE-ScooterE-125E-70
PricePKR 259,900PKR 129,900PKR 234,900PKR 163,900
Top Speed80 km/h60 km/h80 km/h70 km/h
Distance 100 km70 km170 km90 – 100 km
Charging Time3.5 hours3.5 hours2 – 3 hours1 – 2 hours
Battery TypeDry Cell BatteryDry Cell BatteryLithium-Iron-PhosphateLithium-Iron-Phosphate


VLektra is Pakistan’s first lithium-ion electric motorcycle manufacturer. VLektra electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular among Pakistanis looking for modern e-motorcycles. The brand offers both sporty and retro-style motorcycles, so you can choose according to your preferences. It’s all about the athletic design and performance. It is available in two colors (black and yellow).

SpecificationsRetro Bolt
PricePKR 299,000PKR 449,000
Motor1500 w hub motor2000 w hub motor
Max Speed65 kph75 kph
BatteryLithium-ion batteryLithium-ion battery
Battery Capacity72 V 24 AH72 V 32 AH
ChargerAC 220 vAC 220 v
Range80 – 100 km80 – 100 km
ModesEconomy mode, sports mode and reverse modeEconomy mode, sports mode and reverse mode
MeterDigital meterDigital meter
Charging Time3 – 4 hours4 – 5 hours


The Neon M3 electric bike is completely electric. This fast bike has a top speed of 90 km/h. This motorcycle has an automated transmission and a USB port. This port is critical for riders to charge their phones and other devices. This bike features tubeless tyres as well as a digital cluster gauge. It also has a keyless lock, and riders use the remote to open it. When the battery reaches 20%, the bike turns off automatically.

E-bike G2G M3
SpecificationsE-bike G2G M3
PricePKR 128,000
Motor Power2000 W
Maximum Speed50 km/h
Battery72 V 20Ah Gel Lead-acid
Charging Time3 hours (charge within 30% to 70%)


Sunra China collaborated with Jawad Corporations in Pakistan to launch the electric bike. The highlighting features of the bike is that it is rechargeable, has double battery, and requires no petrol. This high-speed electric bike has an ultra HD meter. It has an ergonomic structure to make the ride comfortable. 

PricePKR 138,000
Top Speed80 km/h
Range135 km
Charging Time4 hours
Battery Type2*72 V20 AH Lithium Battery
Power3000 W

Road King

With the increasing pricing of gasoline everyday, Road King has entered the market with its electric bikes. Road King electric bikes have three variations and the most popular among them is listed here. These bikes are identical to gasoline motorcycles, but have an addition of electric capabilities. Take a look at the most popular electric bike by Road King i.e. Electric 100 E.

Electric 100 E
SpecificationsElectric 100 E
PricePKR 130,000
Top Speed80 – 90 km/h
Power Output 1.2 hp
Charging Time 2 – 3 hours
Battery TypeDry & Lithium-ion Battery

Final Verdict

People have been driving petrol motorcycles all across the world for decades, causing severe environmental pollution. Furthermore, combustion engine bikes are costly. Imagine if electric bikes were used instead of regular bikes throughout Pakistan.

Electric bikes are inevitable in Pakistan. Nobody can doubt the significance of these motorcycles not just in Pakistan but around the world.

Would you consider purchasing an electric bike? And for what reason? Tell us more about it in the comments section below.

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