6 Flour Mills in Islamabad – Address and Contact info


In Pakistan, there are currently 915 mills with a total daily milling capacity of 77,275 tonnes. These mills operate in various cities and produce high-quality flour and other products for the masses to consume. 

In Islamabad, you will find most flour mills in the I-9 and I-10 sectors. 

If you are interested in diving deeper into these facilities, here is a comprehensive list of flour mills in Islamabad with their contact details. 

Flour Mills in Islamabad

Below are 6 flour mills in Islamabad with their contact details. 

Note: The list of flour mills in Islamabad is just for reference and it doesn’t show competition between the mills in any form. 

  • Chaudhary Flour Mill (PVT.) LTD.
  • Alqaim Flour Mills
  • Al Kausar Flour Mills 
  • Al-Sajjad Flour Mills
  • Mehboob Flour and General Mills
  • Sihala Flour Mills

Now let’s explore each flour mill in Islamabad in more detail. 

1. Chaudhary Flour Mill (PVT.) LTD.

Chaudhary Flour Mill (PVT.) LTD.

The Chaudhry Flour Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. was established in 1981 and has been serving the thriving food market of the country for more than 3 decades now. 

Over the years the company has gained a reputable position among the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of quality Wheat Flour.

They manufacture the best quality flour that contains high nutritional content fulfilling essential needs of the human body and keeping it healthy. 

Contact Number: 051 – 4433672

Address: I/9-3, Street 5, Islamabad

Email: info@cfm.com.pk

2. Alqaim Flour Mills

Alqaim Flour Mills

Working in Pakistan since 1947, Alqaim Flour Mills produces fine flour with high nutritional levels for the proper development and growth of the body.

Their success story speaks about their quality and their goal is to offer the best quality products. They assure the same quality again and again without any compromises. 

Contact Number: 051 – 4101082

Address: Street 8, I/10-3, Islamabad.

3. Al Kausar Flour Mills 

Al Kausar Flour Mills 

The flour mill offers flour at rates issued by the government. For detailed information, you can contact the mill directly. 

Contact Number: 0333 – 5259950

Address: Industrial Area, I-9/4, Plot 46, 47, 48, Islamabad.

Email: mudassarsameer230@gmail.com

4. Al-Sajjad Flour Mills

Al-Sajjad Flour Mills Islamabad

Established in the year of 1992, Al-Sajjad Flour Mills Islamabad is a project of MBS (MALIK BASHIR SONS)

Al-Sajjad Mills is one of the leading processors and suppliers of wheat flour, offering a range of products like Gulab Atta-Wheat Flour, Al-Sajjad No.1 Atta-Wheat Flour, Al-Sajjad No.1 Fine Flour, Chakki Desi Atta-Wheat Flour, Bran Wheat Product, Paratha Atta-Wheat Flour, and Al-Sajjad No.1 Maida Flour. 

Their products are manufactured using the best quality wheat and are loved by consumers for purity and high nutritional value. 

Their products are used in homes, restaurants, canteens, & hotels and can be availed at reasonable prices.

Contact Number: 051 – 4444924

Address: Industrial Area, Plot # 408, Sector I-9/3, Islamabad. 

Email: alsajjadflourmills@gmail.com

5. Mehboob Flour and General Mills

Mehboob Flour and General Mills

The Mehboob Flour and General Mills deal in wheat products, Like Chakki Atta, Atta, Fine, Maida & Bran. Their aim is to serve hygienic, and high-quality food. 

They own a bakery with qualified staff to cook and operate baking equipment which includes the baking oven & the proover mixing machine. To maintain high quality, they keep a check on the quality of Maida on a daily and hourly basis.

Their end goal is to deliver Quality Maida after full Satisfaction.

Contact Number: 051 – 4449578

Address: I/9, Industrial zone, plot 397, Islamabad.

Email: mehboobflourmill@gmail.com

6. Sihala Flour Mills

Sihala Flour Mills

Established in 1968, Sihala Flour Mills is a Private Limited Company, located in the prime industrial area of Islamabad.

For product and manufacturing info, you can contact them directly. 

Contact Number: 051 – 4433526

Address: I-9/3, Service Rd, Islamabad.

Final Words 

In this article, we explored 6 flour mills in Islamabad with their contact details. Most of these are located in the Industrial area located in sector I 9 and have been working for years. 

For more info on the industries and companies in Pakistan do check out more articles like this one, on the BlogPakistan site. 

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