Getting a Driver’s License Made Easier As Rawalpindi Traffic Police Goes Digital

Getting a Driver’s License Made Easier As Rawalpindi Traffic Police Goes Digital

We’ve all been in long queues for our driver’s license and all of us have experienced the nerve testing process of getting our files attested and stamped by the offices within the vicinity.

Well not anymore!

No More Queues

The Rawalpindi Traffic Police took some steps and launched a one-window operation for the drivers to get their driver’s license. The department broke off the long fatiguing queues, that required applicants to fill out lengthy forms by hand, carry multiple documents, and relentlessly go back and forth visiting various offices for different tests.

With the latest system, the applicant is needed to bring just their original CNIC card to the department with no other additional documents. All the details of the applicant will automatically be uploaded on their computerized system against their CNIC number, making the process swift and easy.

This system has been introduced to ensure utmost convenience for the public and also keeping the lurking threat of Covid in mind it is necessary to avoid large gathering and maintaining distance.

What’s New?

The department has also launched a smartphone application, ‘Rawalpindi Police Citizen Connect’ and has also made some improvements which include:

  • Priority counters for Women, Senior citizens, and Transgenders.
  • Schedule appointment for Driver’s license application, via the app.
  • Video footage of driving test to ensure maximum transparency.

Form these new amends it’s actually good to see that the Rawalpindi Police Department has finally addressed the concerns of the general public and introduced a new and efficient system. Whereas, the department has also addressed that more such amends and services are underway for the convince of the general public. As a citizen, I’m glad that we are adopting and implementing a new system within our departments.

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