How to Share Balance From One SIM to Another – Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, & Zong

how to share balance within networks

Are you the type of person that enjoys assisting others? Do you want to know how to transfer balance when others require it the most? We have good news for you. Now, you can send your friends or your loved one’s balance transfer requests so they may share their balance with you. Pakistan’s telecom organization allows the general population to transfer money from one sim to another. They can now drive another person’s balance if they are in need, and they can also demand that someone else provide them money so that they can call.

Ways to Transfer Balance within Networks (2023)

Below, we have compiled the most convenient ways by which you can transfer mobile balance from your phone. Simply by dialing some number, you can really help your friend in the hour of need.

Jazz Balance Share Code

Share balance with your loved ones with an amazing Jazz Share offer. Jazz Share is a simple, flexible, and simple solution that allows customers to share balances ranging from PKR 15 to PKR 500. This service keeps you connected and in touch with your loved ones at all times.

Usage– Dial *100*03XXXXX*amount#
– Dial *100*<9230XXXXXXXX>*amount#
ChargesPKR 7.50 (incl. tax)/Transaction
Max Share LimitPKR 500/Transaction
Max Amount Transferred Per DayPKR 500
Service RequestFriends, Family & Acquaintances

When you use Jazz Share, you will be prompted to confirm a message. Once the confirmation message is received, the transaction will be completed.

Terms and Conditions

  • Both parties need to be prepaid customers.
  • You can receive requests of Jazz share only 5 times per day.

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Zong Balance Share Code

Zong Yaari Load provides the option of Balance Transfer as well as Balance Request. Balance Transfer allows customers to transfer the balance to loved ones when they are in need. Balance Request assists clients in times of emergency by allowing them to request balance from friends and family at any time.

Usage– Dial *828# for Balance Transfer
– Dial *829# for Balance Request
ChargesPKR 5 (incl. tax)/Transaction
Max Share LimitPKR 200/-
Min Share LimitPKR 10/-
Service RequestFriends, Family & Acquaintances

Terms and Conditions

  • This service is only available to prepaid customers. (Both the receiver and the sender).
  • After Yaari Load, the customer must have a minimum amount of PKR 5.62 in his account.
  • A customer can make up to five transactions every day.

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Ufone Balance Share Code

Mobile users can also share balance with loved ones using the Ufone Ushare service. You can find the complete details of the service below.

UsageDial *828*0333xxxxxxx*10#
ChargesPKR 4.78 (incl. tax)/Transaction
Max Share LimitPKR 600/Transaction
Min Share LimitPKR 10
Service RequestFriends, Family & Acquaintances

Sharing your balance through Ushare is a simple 2 step process. As the customer dials the code, they will be prompted with a message for which they will reply 1 to transfer the amount. 

Terms & Conditions

  • Customers will be limited to a maximum of four transactions per day.
  • The maximum amount of balance that can be shared among Ufone members in a single transaction is now PKR 600. If the transfer value exceeds PKR 600, another transaction must be initiated.

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Telenor Balance Share Code

Telenor Smart Share is the service that transforms you into the actual hero of those around you. Transfer balance easily and swiftly. 

UsageDial *1*1*92345XXXXXXX*AMT#
ChargesPKR 7 (incl. tax)/Transaction
Max Share LimitPKR 200/Transaction
Min Share LimitPKR 20
Service RequestFriends, Family & Acquaintances

As you type the code on your mobile phone, press 1 to confirm the balance transfer. Once the balance has been transferred, both the sender and the receiver will receive confirmation of the transaction.

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Terms and Conditions

  • You can share any amount between PKR 20 and PKR 200.
  • The balance will be valid for the same period of time.
  • Smart Share can only be used ten times per day.


Q. How to share balance from Jazz to Zong?

Ans. You can not share a balance from Jazz to Zong. The balance can only be shared within the same networks using the steps explained above. 

Q. Can we share balance from one network to another?

Ans. The answer is no. The balance can only be shared within the same network. For example, you can share balance from Jazz to Jazz but not from Jazz to Zong. 

Q. Will I get my amount refunded if I mistakenly transfer the balance to the wrong number?

Ans. No, it is your responsibility to write both the right amount you wish to share and the number to which you wish to send it.

Q. How can I subscribe to the sharing balance option?

Ans. Balance sharing does not demand any subscription. All you have to do is dial the codes mentioned above that apply to your network and then proceed with the transfer. 

Q. Is the service available throughout Pakistan?

Ans. Customers throughout Pakistan are eligible for these balance-sharing options. 

Sharing is Caring!

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