Toyota Land Cruiser ZX 2022: Price, Specs, Images

toyota land cruiser zx 2022

According to the news, Toyota has started the booking of its New Land Cruiser 300 ZX with the beginning cost of PKR 72,499,000. With such price, Toyota has given the impression of  ZX being incredibly uncompetitive in the market. The booking has recently been opened by Indus motors in Pakistan, and the booking can be done in PKR 30,000,000 which is 3 crore only. Moreover, due to the issues of supply chain and allocations the delivery period of the vehicle would extend up to 12 months.

Toyota Land Cruiser ZX
Toyota Land Cruiser ZX
Toyota Land Cruiser ZX
Toyota Land Cruiser ZX- Seating Capacity
Toyota Land Cruiser ZX- Interior

The price of Toyota’s New Land Cruiser comes as a shock to Pakistanis because it is 19.84 million more expensive than its predecessor. Some people blame the increased duty fees on CBU imports for the escalated price. The new land cruiser has a similar fundamental body shape as the past models; however, the transmission is completely different than the old models and the selection of motors has been done more precisely. Additionally, the improvement in execution and economy can be evident as well in the new Toyota land cruiser.

Land cruisers are the luxuries that almost all big business tycoons and politicians own. They care more about status than about the money they are spending. However, competitors can spice up the game by making SUVs with improved features in less money and delivery time.

What Are Your Views?

Such a high price is one of the issues but the other issue is the extended delivery period. That can make anyone wonder, whether it is fair to spend 3 crores on booking a car that will take almost 1 year to get delivered?  

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