Honda 125: Specs and Price in Pakistan 2023


The Honda CG 125 is a commuter motorcycle produced by the Japanese company Honda. It normally is referred to as “125” in Pakistan. In 125, the CG stands for Cash Guarantee. It was first made in Japan in 1976 and was produced there until 2008. It relocated its manufacture to Pakistan in 1992. It is produced by Atlas Honda in Pakistan.

The Honda CG 125 2023 model is identical to the one introduced in 2018 apart from the new adhesive label. The motorbike has been the most widely used option in the 125cc category since its launch in 1992. The Honda CG 125 has a reputation for having a long lifespan, a reliable engine, and being simple to maintain. Pakistanis place a high value on resale value when buying any kind of vehicle, and this motorcycle has the highest in its class.

Honda 125 2023 Model

Honda 125 2023 in Pakistan 

After the Honda 70, the Honda 125 is the most popular motorcycle in Pakistan. Its new 2023 model appears to have the same body as the old one. It has both its benefits and downfalls.

The issue is that Honda enthusiasts will merely receive a new sticker without any design changes. The majority of them want to modify the design (make it a little sportier) and do away with the traditional body form. For that goal, the business had undoubtedly introduced the Honda CB125F, but at a significantly greater cost. The good news is that if the company had changed its design, it might have been difficult to obtain spare parts. 

Honda 125 2023 Engine and Fuel Consumption

The new Honda 125 has a cleanable air filter made of foam and valves that have pushrods. This change was made because the previous model required regular oil change to maintain the engine. If the oil was not changed after sometime of use, the camshafts used to deteriorate. So Honda Atlas incorporated these new changes to keep the engine life longer. The fuel capacity in the new model is 9.2 liters and has the reserve of 2 liters additional.

Honda 125 2023 Battery Maintenance

You must first ensure that the battery connection is tight. Corrosion isn’t a major issue with lithium batteries, but it can be with lead acid batteries, therefore maintaining the cleanliness of the bike’s battery terminal is crucial.

If you notice crust on the positive or negative terminal, remove it from the bike and clean it right away with baking soda and water since corrosion impairs electrical performance.

What is different in the Honda 125 2023 Model?

Since then, various upgrades have been made to the two-wheeler vehicle, and adjustments have been made relative to the beginning of Honda Company, making it the top option for many consumers seeking an economical yet dependable transport for daily use. Numerous modifications have been made to the Honda CG125, including new carburetors, headlights, seats, and taillights.

The major difference between Honda 125 2023 model and last year’s model is the new sticker addition. This sticker is called ‘’Nawa Sticker’’.

Price of Honda 125 2023 in Pakistan 

For the most recent model that the company unveiled on 15th of September 2022, the Honda CG 125 2023, is priced PKR 185,900 in Pakistan. Given that Atlas Honda is renowned for providing high-quality motorcycles at relatively competitive prices, the motorcycle has a strong client base in Pakistan.

One can easily purchase Honda 125 with New Sticker Model on lease payment that is 240,000 till 260,000 Pakistani Rupees.

Specifications and Features of Honda 125 2023

Check out the detailed specifications of Honda 125 2023 model here:

Engine4-Stroke Single Cylinder Air cooled
BeginningFirst Start 
Transmission4 Speed Constant Radicle
Top Speed100KM/H
Fuel Capacity 9.2 liters
Horsepower11.0 HP @ 8500.0 RPM
Average45.0 KM/L
Dry Weight100KG
Torque9.0Nm @ 7500.0 RPM
Colors AvailabilityBlack and Red

As anticipated, the specifications and features of the new Honda CG125 are the same. A lot of people think it good since they like the design and performance, which is unmatchable even by its model which is higher than it (CB125F). 

Honda 125 2023 Pros & Cons

If the owner takes good care of their Honda CG125, it has proven to be a lifetime investment that lasts through the generations. If you ever have a problem, parts are easily accessible everywhere, and the majority of mechanics are familiar with working on motorcycles. Youngsters prefer this model because of its exceptional initial pick and the sound it makes. It has a quick resale value due to popularity of the brand.

The downsides of this model are that it has a poor fuel average. The same old shape of the bike makes the ride uncomfortable on long routes. Vibrations are also reported in this model.

Reviews on Honda 125 2023

The Honda CG125 2023’s obsolete appearance is the only thing the client has to say, though. A few consumers would prefer the Honda CG125 to have a more contemporary appearance, but Atlas Honda continues to provide its devoted clients with the same standard design year after year. There are other, more attractive options like the Honda CB125 2023, but they still haven’t gained the trust of consumers like the Honda CG125 2023 because they typically cost more for parts and have a lower resale value.

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